It’s always those little baskets right at the register that get me. Without fail. At every store. Luckily, whatever fills the baskets at Forever 21 are always like $3 because I’d be in SO much debt if they weren’t like at other stores (Sephora kills me).
I really haven’t tried any of Forever 21’s beauty line, Love & Beauty, because a lot of their products never interested me. I do have one of their nail polishes, but aside from that, I had always meant to try them because they’ve gotten pretty good reviews and they’re so inexpensive. I just most of the time don’t need basic eye palettes or lipsticks from Forever 21 because I have so much to use at home.
This particular item caught my eye though because it reminded me a lot of the Mac Blush Ombres that were released, and specifically the one called Ripe Peach, which I hate myself for not buying.

Forever 21’s Peach Cheek Color is a color blocked peach gradient. It’s got a matte finish. The brush inside is pretty useless. But if you use a standard blush brush, the pan is just the perfect size for the brush to fit inside. If you so wish to get a gradient, you can totally run the brush horizontally across the pan and get a good gradient on your cheek.
The texture isn’t amazing but it’s not sub par either. It’s sort of chalky but not too chalky. You can get a pretty good color deposit. The peach colors are on the lighter side so on my hands (which are just slightly darker than my face) you can’t really see the product but on my cheeks it gives a nice glowy peach look.

I don’t know whether you can get this still since I don’t know if they have collections or just randomly release products but if you can, I’d totally recommend it. It was only $2 and even though it isn’t the greatest blush of all time, it is a suitable place holder for the Mac blush that got away.

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