I really wanted to like this. I really did. I really wanted to love it actually… I just don’t.
I think I’ve found the foundations I’m comfortable with and that I really like formula wise and color range wise that it is really hard for me to start trying new foundations and not be really picky.
Because of all the good things I had heard about it, I kept an eye out for them at the drugstore so I could try them. I actually hadn’t seen them at my CVS, which is the drugstore that I most frequent so even though they had been out for a while now, I only just saw them at Walgreens when I happened to stop by since I was in that part of town for the first time in months.
The color range isn’t that great – I only saw about 8 colors, which does NOT fit very many people at all.

They do come individually wrapped so you don’t have to worry about contamination before you buy it. That’s what sold me on purchasing it when I saw it at Walgreens.
The color I picked up was Warm Golden, because in the pot, it looked pretty decently yellow toned. It also looked on the lighter side, but I figured I could even it out with some face powder and bronzer.

The packaging is a thick, glass pot with a glossy black lid and is fairly heavy for what comes in it. The Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ comes with 1.0 fl oz in a plastic bottle and is very light. This is 0.8 fl oz and is super heavy. Also… why not 1.0 fl oz? Weird.

Inside, the foundation comes with a little stopper that is meant to keep it cleaner, but I feel like doesn’t really help. Extra foundation squeezes out the side and all of a sudden there’s foundation all over your hands. Not a lot, but enough to see on the lid when you screw it shut.
It’s not the most sanitary of packaging either since you’re constantly introducing it to open air and brushes and your hands and it has such a wide opening. 
The foundation itself is a thicker creme finish. Sort of what I would imagine the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation would be like if I cut open the bottle. 
Now, if you look at the foundation in the pot, it’s clearly a medium, pink toned beige. Warm Golden? Nope. Not really. And the glass made it seem lighter too. So that is something to keep in mind when you go and look through these foundations.
This change in color made the foundation not actually my skin tone match so I really had to blend down the neck and keep it lighter on my skin so that it would blend in properly.
As for wear, it wore on my skin pretty well. I have an oily skin and it didn’t last 24 hours at all in my T-Zone but it did ok on my cheeks. 
I applied it with a brush, and it might apply better with fingers. Getting a brush in there, I like to use a buffing brush rather than your standard paddle shaped foundation brush, was difficult and annoying. I didn’t want to dip it in too far as to douse the brush.
My skin had no adverse reactions to it, so that was a plus. Recently I have been having a bad reaction to Benzoyl Peroxide, which had never happened to me before, so my skin was a little more sensitive and raw than it had been before. My skin didn’t feel worse after applying it.
I honestly wish it was more yellow toned since it’s called Warm Golden. I also wish the packaging were simpler and not so heavy. What if the glass breaks when you drop it? How quickly will this foundation go bad since it gets exposed so much more than most foundations?
The Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation is available at most drugstores. I purchased it for $15 at Walgreens but it may be less at other drugstores.

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