Whenever I watch the Kardashians, I always do a smokey eye the next day, bronze up just a little more, and reach for a dark nail color to satisfy my inner… diva. Or whatever. My inner reality star.
I’ve talked about that before – I think one of my FOTD was directly an influence of my Kardashian Netflix marathon.
This week’s Kardashian influence morphed into Glitter Skittles on the nails because the one downside to dark polish is that when it chips or wears down, it’s so obvious.

I had Maybelline’s Color Show polish in Twilight Rays on my nails (which I lost the picture of) but after a few days, they started to wear down so I wanted to change the color but not redo all of my nails. So I turned to some of my new glitters. I didn’t want to choose just one… so I chose 10 of them.
On my left hand (left photo above) from left to right is Zoya’s Daul, Deborah Lippmann Let’s Go Crazy, one of my Pa flakies, and Essie’s Stroke of Brilliance.
On my right hand (right photo above) from left to right is China Glaze I’m Not Lion, one of my Pa flakies, Forever 21’s Silver Sparkle, and Sephora by OPI’s USA! USA!

On my thumbs I used my Sephora by OPI glitter crackle that I got on sale called Blasted Opalescent Glitter. It’s like the Mac Reflects glitter in that it looks white but it shines a pretty pinky purple color. It really comes alive over black.
I’ll have a haul video of all of these polishes (aside from the Pa flakies, which I already have a post of) soon so look out for them 🙂

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