I don’t actually know what these are supposed to be – balms, tints, lipsticks, but I like them.
L’Oreal just came out with these lip products, which I feel like are the closest to the Revlon Lip Butters from a competing drugstore brand. These are far different from the lip butters though.
These have a much glossier texture and have great color payoff. They’re not as lipstick-like as the Revlon Lip Butters, but they’re not balmy like the L’Oreal Balms that were released last year. This is like the in-between of the balms and lipsticks.
The packaging is fully gold with a color band. They look like elegant lipstick tubes, but are light as they’re not all metal. I would have liked to see the product on the inside – the UK version has clear plastic on top so you can see inside. 
They twist up and aren’t super soft so I feel like they won’t melt in the tube if you keep it in your purse in hot weather. If you keep it in your purse in a car? Probably will melt.

The colors I got were 172 Blushing Sequin and 178 Cardinal Plume.
Blushing Sequin is a bright warm toned pink. It doesn’t have a completely “matte” (as in no shimmer, not an actual matte finish) finish. There is some shimmer, but it’s not really a shimmer. Very summery and pretty. Probably not a fall color for me though. I wish these were available in my area a little sooner so I could get good use of it in the summer. Mid-late summer releases for me always mean I can’t really get a hold of them (untouched and guaranteed in stock) until a few weeks later unless I stalk the store. And since there isn’t information on drugstore releases and dates as easily accessible as high end brands, sort of means if you’re not at the drugstore that often, you’ll miss it. I don’t go as often as some do so I miss a lot of releases and have to wait until the re-stock, weeks later.
Cardinal Plume is a sheer red with a slight shimmer in it as well. It reminds me a lot of the YSL lip tint that I bought a while back. Sort of the same texture and finish, although the YSL was more pigmented and this one is slightly warmer toned.

These retail for about $8 each but if you go when there’s a sale, they’re much cheaper. Again, my favorite thing about CVS is their membership program that has weekly coupons that you can send to your card to print out at the store. I always get 25% off my purchase or I get $5 in ExtraBucks to spend. It’s nice. 

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