The first of the Fall 2012 drugstore collections is in! Or what I’m assuming as the first of the fall collections. I don’t know… I could be wrong. I’m not great at keeping track of drugstore collections lol. Regardless, this is MY first Fall 2012 drugstore collection 😀
Parts of Maybelline’s Fall 2012 Scene On The Runway Collection was recently spotted at Rite Aids around the country so I mosied on down to mine and found it there, full and beautiful all ready to be purchased. There’s apparently a nail polish part, eye shadow quad, lipstick and face creme that I haven’t seen yet, but hopefully they’ll be out soon. I saw pictures of it on Nouveau Cheap so if you’re curious, go there. They don’t look as great as last years but I’ll have to see them in person to really decide if I want to buy them or not.
Anyways, I have the four new limited edition Color Tattoos to show you today! There are 2 being repromoted with this line from their original line, Audacious Asphalt, a shimmery gray, and Bad to the Bronze, a shimmery cool toned mushroom brown. 
I do have to commend drugstores for finally really pushing the “Limited Edition” title of some of their items so that people go and jump on their products more. Not only that but their products in general are getting more noteworthy. I feel like when I first started this blog and my channel, drugstore items weren’t great, weren’t really limited edition and so they weren’t really something I felt like I needed to get. But with Revlon’s Lip Butters, the revamped Maybelline line, Wet N Wild’s just overall increase in quality, Milani just as a brand itself and some of L’Oreal and CoverGirl’s new products, they’re really stepping it up. With that comes price increases, but they’re still cheaper than most department store brands.
Again, these have been spotted first at Rite Aid. Mine has been selling them for about $6.50 but some Rite Aids are having sales so you may get it for less. 
More photos and swatches after the jump!

All 4 of these are very earthy toned and very fall like. It actually goes very well with my Leaves or Autumn candles from Bath & Body Works lol. At least the little sticker on them.
The formula across the board was very smooth and creamy and opaque. The color payoff was great and it wasn’t stiff or difficult to blend. 
While taking photos, they all set on my arm and it took a little bit of rubbing to get them off my arm with a Neutrogena wipe so be careful when you’re removing this. Don’t tug too hard on your eyes!
If you get these four colors you’ll get a good mix of colors to just use on their own. There’s a lighter highlight shade, a good rich midtoned neutral, a darker neutral and a green for a little pop of color but nothing too bright that you can’t use it with the other shades.
All the swatches below have one layered swatch on the left and one more blended swatch on the right.
100 Barely Beige
Barely Beige is the lightest shade. It’s a shimmery nude color, very reminiscent of Mac’s Bare Study Paint Pot. It’s sort of the equivalent for this line of creme shadows as opposed to Mac’s line of Paint Pots. I’m glad they have this in their line finally but am a little miffed that it’s limited edition because it’s so pretty and affordable!

200 Mossy Green
This was sort of a surprise when I first saw this was one of the colors that was being released. Look at the jumble of colors in there! If you click on the photos, you can enlarge them. The colors in that green are just magical!

Mossy Green is a dark earthy like olive/army green with a gold shimmer running through it. So pretty! This one I’d definitely wear on it’s own, blended out on the edges with something like Mac’s Mulch shadow.

300 Gold Shimmer
This one is sort of like a melted gold color. Or that gold that you see in all of the treasures of Indiana Jones. This I would also totally wear on it’s own, blended out on the edges also with Mac’s Mulch. Or with Patina. So vibrant and rich and just… gorgeous 🙂

400 Rich Mahogany
I was just going to leave that as the description. Really. But as a tangent, who’s excited for the Hunger Games release today??? WOOOOOOOTTTTT.
Rich Mahogany is really what it sounds like. It’s a rich, warm dark brown with a slight reddish gold shimmer running through it. This one I would wear on it’s own if it were really blended out, but I’d probably pair it with something like a green/brown duochrome. Club from Mac for example.
These are available at drugstores and range between $6 and $8.

2 thoughts on “Fall 2012: Swatches! Maybelline Color Tattoo by EyeStudio 24Hr Eye Shadows – 100 Barely Beige, 200 Mossy Green, 300 Gold Shimmer, 400 Rich Mahogany

  1. I really want these but I can't get them because A) it'll be months before these come out in Australia and B) eBay sellers are either always sold out of them or charge me like $20 per eyeshadow! :'(


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