It’s sort of stupid, really, that I haven’t done a NOTW post of this yet. Like… really. This happens to be my favorite OPI and favorite red polish of all time. OF ALL TIME. (<— say that in Kanye voice).
It’s a pretty, jewel like ruby jelly base with lots of gold glitter flakes (it’s not quite glitter, but not quite flakes) packed into it. It’s the perfect holiday red, but I decided to pull this out in the middle of August because I just wanted something beautiful and classic but also fun on my nails. I think classic as red, and well, I picked up my favorite red.
This was a limited edition holiday color from like… 3 years ago. I was lucky enough to just start getting into hoarding collecting right when this polish collection came out. I think I saw an AllThatGlitters21 video on the collection, and she had them all except this one. So I googled it, found it on Temptalia, before she stopped posting OPI for her own good reasons, (without really knowing that much about Temptalia at that time either), and on Scrangie and fell in love. Then hunted it down, found my now favorite place to buy OPI in person, and bought a bottle of it. It was love at first application.
I didn’t know anything about buying back ups or anything about “limited edition” in the nail polish world, so I didn’t snag a bottle of it for extras. I had to buy a slightly raised price bottle on eBay.
THEN at my CVS, they started selling these like… reject overstock OPIs. One day, there they were. 5 bottles of Smitten With Mittens. I bought all 5. I hoarded them. I checked back everyday for a week to make sure that I got all of them. And I consciously find myself looking for Smitten With Mittens whenever I go to any CVS. 
I’m pretty set for the future but still, the day I run out, I’ll cry.
Story aside, this polish is fantastic. It’s got a slight jelly finish so it takes about 3 coats for full opacity but is doable with 2. It just sparkles wonderfully under Seche Vite. I used it over Nubar Foundation Base Coat and had it on for 10 days, way past chip day just because I love it so and want to get the most use out of each application.

Do any of you have polishes like this? That you just love THAT much that you hoarded a million of them?

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