See what I did there? With the title? (It’s a song title, fyi)… (and she names all of her polishes after song titles).
Basically, this is a giant appreciation post for Deborah Lippmann.
In the past, I’ve always loved her polishes, and when I started blogging and tweeting more actively, I’d post about her and well, she always tweeted me back. It’s a rare thing, for a company to not only have their (super awesome) head to tweet directly to you but for them to actually be willing to have conversations with you? Sort of unheard of but just a testament as to how much they care about their products and customers.
I’ve probably tweeted with Deborah maybe 3 or 4 times before this past couple of days, always sort of like “I got my @DeborahLippmann stuff in the mail, so excited!” and she’d reply back.
After this whole ordeal though? I’m totally changed, for the better, if that could even happen, forever.

This all starts with True Blood and HSN. True Blood is pretty much my favorite current TV show, and quite possibly one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It’s amazing, I don’t really have to go that far into it.
Deborah Lippmann created a line of polishes, fragrance products and even a lipstick all based on True Blood, and it just recently was exclusively sold early on HSN. This collection, called Forsaken, is currently on HSN (though some of them are sold out) and only on HSN until November.
The midnight EST, so at 9pm my time, I was at work, went on a “break” and waited on my phone until it went live on the site and ordered my two items I wanted on bated breath, so eager to get them because I knew some of the products would be in high-demand, specifically the lipstick and nail polish duo. The lipstick, Bite Me, was a deep, bloody red and the nail polish it goes with is the perfect vampy jelly. I also bought the nail trio.
I was right, in that the lipstick and nail duo sold out within that night. The nail trio was still fine, and is actually still available online. I got the email confirmation, that it would be shipped to me by the 19th (which is kind of a long time considering it was purchased on the 9th, but whatever).
I checked the HSN site everyday to see whether it had shipped yet and after 4 days, I was kind of worried because normally companies ship within 3 days. On the 14th, I finally check again, and all of a sudden it said “refunded” for each product. Like… what? I hadn’t gotten any sort of cancellation notice, or any sort of refund notice. I hadn’t requested anything. Nobody knew the email or password for that specific account so there was no explanation as to what had happened.
I did the instant chat with a “consultant” to see what had happened. Here starts the most frustrating customer service experience I had ever had. EVER.
I’ve never had a bad customer service experience, so I guess it was about time.
The chat started with very friendly service. I asked her what was up, and she repeated to me that my order was cancelled. I asked why and she said “it was an inventory problem”. I asked her what that meant, and she didn’t know. She just simply… didn’t know. And couldn’t find out. And couldn’t ask the warehouse because they apparently didn’t have a phone number. So that was weird. I asked if I could be reimbursed in any other way because I had gotten a order confirmation, and a lot of times companies will give a coupon or something, and all she said was “I can reimburse you for the price of the product, but not the shipping, which should appear on your account in a few days. I’m sorry”. I also asked her why both products got cancelled because one of them was still in stock and she said “yeah it happens sometimes. It’s an inventory problem. I don’t know why.”. So this is frustrating because she gave me really no new answers. I ended the chat with her then called customer service to see if I could actually talk to them and find out more answers.
NOPE. Got even less answers. In fact the person on the phone said “you can try emailing us and getting more answers. It doesn’t say here that it was refunded either, just cancelled so I don’t know anything.” Like… what? And furthermore, she sounded bored and annoyed on the phone. Sorry for calling you – but your job is Customer Service. Servicing people who need help. Regardless of what my question was, perk up a little bit. I work customer service at my job. I know, it sucks but you’re getting paid to ask questions so try a little harder.
I really out of all of this, wanted a real answer for the cancellation. Not just a “we can’t tell you anything because none of us know anything”. If I got an email warning me? Whatever. Otherwise I probably would have just waited until the 19th and then suddenly found that my order was cancelled without notice. Also, if it were just plainly a “we ran out of products because of the sudden influx of orders at the time of purchase, numbers weren’t reflected correctly”, I’d be fine with it. Just the very little effort to actually help me was frustrating and disappointing.
I emailed them as well, just to make sure they had everything on file for my order.
And then I tweeted them. Angrily. In a flurry of red hot rage. I was so mad. After talking to two different individuals and having both of them totally uninterested in finding out answers was just… like really, why are you even there. Why do people even call you??
I tweeted HSN, TrueBloodHBO and Deborah to just get my complaint out to everybody. So they ALL knew that I was pissed, and that I was blaming HSN, their terrible customer service, and that I would never purchase from HSN again.
HSN’s response was:

@yukiesano We’re so sorry to hear this happened.  Please email us your order info to so we can help

Still mad, my response was:

@HSN I already did an nobody gave me a straight answer but to just “reorder” which I would but one of them is sold out & you guys are awful

I got no further response from them that evening.
Now today, at work, still mad, still annoyed, I got a response from Deborah Lippmann.

@yukiesano @BeautyPopC @TrueBloodHBO Hi Yukie– is everything sorted out with your order now :)?

I also got one from HSN:

@yukiesano Good news!  We’ve located the Deborah Lippmann sets you wanted and are sending them to your shipping address.

I basically died. I am beyond impressed with Deborah Lippmann and how much she cares and truly wants HER customers to be happy. She cares about her brand, and even if it is one disgruntled person, she goes and wants to solve the problem. This is what happened:

@yukiesano I saw your tweets last night & felt so bad. I told @hsn & they jumped to the rescue. They are all about making us happy!

LIKE WHAT??? WHO DOES THAT??? NOBODY! I am beyond ecstatic that she did this and am FOREVER thankful to her. She’s amazing. Period. It’s… really just wonderful that she personally did this and it means so much to me. It just made me step back and think, again, and appreciate, again, that she is one of the best people, and brands, out there and truly worth being a fan of and customer of.
This, as well as every other interaction I’ve had with Deborah Lippmann really solidifies her at the top of my favorite brands and will make me an eternally grateful customer of hers. There’s nobody else out there that cares so much and is so passionate about what she does. It’s impressive, touching, and makes her products just that much more special to me.
Thank you Deborah, for everything you do!



One thought on “Deborah Lippmann – Nothing Compares 2 U

  1. This story warms my cold, hard heart. I'm in the middle of a CS nightmare with an marketplace seller over three bottles of nail polish and it's making me nuts. I love Lippman polishes and I'm so happy to hear that she personally took care of it. She is her brand and it clearly matters to her. I just received IKnow What Boys Like and this makes me want to order some more DL polishes!


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