A long while ago, when I was first discovering this world, and the world of online blogging, I was scrolling through all the posts Scrangie had written about China Glaze. I wanted to get introduced to China Glaze as a brand, and do a massive purchase on an etailer, so I was casually browsing through her swatches when this hit me in the face.
Frostbite is a shimmery bright, intense Crayola blue polish. It glows. It’s beautiful. It’s formula is pretty great. It’s completely unique.
It really actually reminds me of the first blue polish I ever bought, in fourth grade, and it was by Maybelline or L’oreal I think and it was similar to this. This was in like 2000, at the height of the pop-star culture and when blue and frosty were everywhere. That polish is long, long gone, but this is the closest I think I have to it. So, it’s a pretty nostalgic color for me as well.
The formula was on the thinner side but built up really really well. I used 3 coats and it was opaque. You do get brush strokes because of the finish but it’s not completely noticeable, as you would get with truly frosty metallic colors. 
I used Nubar’s Foundation Base Coat and Seche Vite as base and top coats and this manicure lasted me a good 3 days before chipping. That’s not the greatest wear time, but this texture of polish tends to chip faster on me compared to a cream for example.
I’m fairly positive this polish is still readily available – you can get China Glaze at Ulta, Sallys and various etailers. They range from $3 to $6.

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