These didn’t get the best reputation when they first came out, but I also only saw reviews for the really really light colors. Little did I know, until I went and browsed Sephora, that there were a few darker colors, one is this bright candy red and the other is a pink color.
I really liked the texture and finish of this red balm so I decided to purchase it, even though it was grossly overpriced at $30.

Like all YSL packaging, it’s feminine and beautiful as well as sturdy. The tube is kind of heavy actually and doesn’t feel like it will get tarnished or dented or anything at all.

The product itself is twist up and is a sheer, bright cherry red.

The shimmer you see on the product doesn’t come out so it’s really a red tinted balm, which I always like to have and use the most of in terms of colored balms.

As expected, the wear on this isn’t great because it’s a balm but it does feel moisturizing, adds color, and doesn’t dry out my lips afterwards. I do want one of the other colors in this line, but it isn’t something of priority on my list because it’s so expensive. 
Have you guys tried these? What do you all think?

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