I first mentioned this palette in my June favorites, when I had just purchased it. I hadn’t used it all that much at that point but have been able to use it all month and have been very happy with it.
Sephora, like most know but don’t pay all that much attention to, is not just a makeup store, but also a brand, and a brand that carries a pretty full line of products. They have their own nail polishes, not just the OPI ones, eye shadows, palettes, brushes, lip products etc, but they get overlooked because of all the other fantastic products available to purchase in the store and online.
This product I purely just stumbled upon while walking around Sephora, killing time on my lunch break. I had no intention at all of looking for another neutral palette but this totally caught my eye, from the packaging to what was actually inside.
Sephora has a few of these Moonshadow palettes, and at my Sephora, they sit next to those cool wave looking eyeshadows that were Sephora’s response to the Estée Lauder and Mac In Extra Dimension shadows that were a huge hit in the spring.
The Moonshadow palettes all come with 10 shadows. In The Nude comes with a full fange of baked neutral shadows, from light to dark. The other ones had some special colors as well, one of them having the brightest and most jewel looking blue ever, but after playing with all of the products this is the one that I decided to purchase.

These palettes retail for $30 and can be purchased at Sephora and online on their website.
More photos and swatches after the jump!

All the shadows come raised in a little… muffin looking shape out of the palette. They are all baked shadows and have a shimmer to them. Most of them are warm based colors.
The picture above shows a fairly accurate image of all of them, color wise. The middle shadow on the top row is more similar to the corresponding photo below. The 3 that are WAY closer to the photo above are the top row’s first from the right, bottom row’s second from the left and first on the right. Otherwise the photos are pretty much the same.

Top Row, from the left, first 3 shadows
Top Row, from the right, first 2 shadows
Bottom Row, from the left, first 3

Bottom row, from the right first 2

I do have to say, the top row are probably the shadows I use the most. They also swatched the best and applied the best. The lightest colors are my favorite. The gold shimmer in them is just beautiful and does show up on the lid, and was pretty hard to photograph.

Top row

Bottom Row

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