My cameras (plural) hate taking photos of things that have any remote hints of purple. Period.
For some reason, anything with even the slightest amount of a purple tone to it never photographs correctly.
Revlon’s Dreamer is a periwinkle creme polish. It’s definitely not as blue as it looks above, having just a little bit more purple to it. I love it.
This was opaque in 3 coats, with a medium viscosity – not too watery but not too thick. This is what I wore under 1920’s Tic Tac Toc in my nail polish giveaway last week.
This sort of blue is one of my favorites to wear in the summer since it reminds me a lot of pools and the sky.
Revlon’s polishes retail between $5 and $8 depending on where and when you get them and can be purchased at all drugstores, all though I hadn’t seen this color until I went to Bed Bath & Beyond.
I wore this ove Nubar’s Foundation Base Coat and under Seche Vite and it lasted on my nails (under a glitter top coat) for about 5 days before I got minor tip wear.

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