I’ll admit it, these were an impulse buy. But after everything that I had seen and heard about these shadows, I thought it was finally time to bite the bullet and just get them. And I’m very pleased that I did.
There are about 20 shades you can choose from (they’re up to #29 now I think, but half of them have been LE), and a lot of them are golden neutral shades. The colors range from golds, to more bold colors to lighter shimmery colors. Mostly, they’re just really cool to look at though, even though they have a lot of neutral colors.
The colors I purchased were 11 and 20. I decided to get one wearable shade and one bold (teal!) shade so I can have one of each and play with them in different situations.

They come packaged in little glass pots, like most cream shadows do, but these are really not creams at all. They’re actually more powdery, like a pressed pigment. They’re super finely milled and very very smooth, rich and silky. There’s also a little stopper it comes with to keep the pigment pressed and flat on  top, like you see in the photos below.

11 is a pearly white. I think the site says it’s supposed to be a champagne, but I get mostly pearly white when I swatch and use it. I believe this is permanent, or it’s just always available and not run out of stock yet. 11 swatches very opaquely for a white shimmer, which I like a lot because when used on the lid you don’t have to put a ton of effort and layering in to get a full color payoff.

20 is a blackened teal and right up my alley lol. Of course I’m going to buy the teal! This one is very intense and rich and deep and bold and just… awesome. It too swatches super opaquely so not a lot of layering is needed.

Armani just released a new set of 6, all limited edition, which you can get at Nordstrom, I believe. These are also available at Neiman Marcus and other high end retailers and on the Armani website. I totally plan on picking up more of these because they’re so different and easy to use. I do want to try some of the golds and some of the other bold colors.
Have any of you tried these yet? I’d love to know what you all think of them as well 🙂

One thought on “Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eye Shadow Swatches – 11, 20

  1. トリーバーチはアメリカのデザイナーが多くの優秀なブランド品の利点をもとにして、デザインされて、出来上げたモノです。全体的に、大胆なモチーフを考えて、バッグだけでなく、シューズや財布などの表面にロゴがちゃんと張られて、ブランド品のセンスを引きます。2012春夏の最高のファッションブランド品を世界に持ってきました。今、セレブ達だけでなく、幅広い年齢層の人々はこのブランド品に憧れています。すごく完璧なモノです。その中で、トリーバーチ トートがすごく愛用しています。


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