The Olympics are here! Happy Opening Day, everybody.
First off, I love the Olympics. Both the winter and summer. The summer ones always hold a special place in my heart because of swimming, and since I was a competitive swimmer, it’s nice having national pride and attention behind people you feel like you’ve grown up with. I remember watching Michael Phelps swim at age 15 at his first Olympics, and the awe-factor behind Australia’s Ian Thorpe. It’s funny now too, seeing all the bandwagon fans that swimming has. 
Anyways, as a lot of nail bloggers are doing, I decided to do my own Olympic themed metallic manicure. I did an ombre instead of a gradient, which many have done, and I also chose to do this because there have and will be a lot of metallic and foil finish polishes coming out soon.
What I chose to do was go from silver to deep bronze on my nails. I hadn’t officially ever done an Ombre manicure before, but I quite liked the results, so I’ll probably do it again.
The picture at the very top of this post shows 5 of the 6 colors I used. I ended up putting a coat of Orly’s Luxe over my index finger, where I had Zoya’s Jules as a base coat. 
Starting with my thumb though, here’s what I used:
Zoya Trixie, Orly Luxe over Zoya Jules, Orly Rage, Revlon Copper Penny, China Glaze Harvest Moon.
All of my nails I used 3 coats of polish (2 of Zoya Jules, 1 of Orly Luxe). There isn’t much else to say about it, other than I used Seche Vite on top lol. The polishes swatch pretty accurately to bottle color and all of them are easy to work with polishes. Zoya’s Trixie looks like liquid metal when applying it – so cool! All of them are very glitzy in sunlight too. 
All of these polishes are still available – Zoya on their website and Ulta, Orly at drugstores, Revlon at drugstores, and China Glaze at Sallys and Ulta. 
I hope all of you enjoy the Olympics and good luck to all your countries 😀

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