I’m sort of over the Magnetic Polish fad, as probably most of you are as well, but I saw this at Sephora and liked the effect of the fishnet, so picked up this and the emerald (swatches coming soon for that).
The base color of this is really similar to some of the gold magnetic drugstore polishes, that have the gold flecks in them (pictured down below). The color alone is a tiger’s eye gold with really fine gold flecks that run throughout it. It’s almost like Patina eye shadow by Mac.

When activated with the magnet, the fishnet brings out more of the gold flecks. The picture above is with no top coat so it’d be much more glossy afterwards, even though it does have a pretty shiny finish to it on its own.
This manicure lasted a few days, before chipping, which for me is standard with magnetic polishes.
I used it over Nubar Foundation Base Coat and under no top coat.
Below are some photos that I never posted of a drugstore magnetic polish. I got this gold one and a blue one, which I will post soon since I still have them on my computer and I still see them all the time at Rite Aid.
The Nails Inc. Polish is available at Sephora and the Magnetix is available at Rite Aid.

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