I have my swatches of the polishes from my Julep Box for all of you today 🙂 This is sort of… well, REALLY late but I have it up, right?
The video for it was posted just yesterday, in case you didn’t see. Photos are after the jump!

Enjoy! ♥ 

O Canada!
Clear opalescent glitter with red glitter mixed in. Very Canadian, and holiday like. Would probably be very fun in the winter during Christmas time. Layers pretty well. It isn’t an overly goopy or sticky mess, in terms of polishes.

I think this is officially called America-The Beautiful, but the sticker just says America. This is a very fin red microglitter, with bigger pieces of silver and blue. Then Silver Stars. But I didn’t get any of them onto the swatch since it just didn’t come out of the bottle onto the brush. Super festive though and officially my first American themed polish.
This is a magenta glitter in a clear base mixed with rainbow glitter of the same size. Very fun and cute and girly. 
This one is more rainbow than settle around a specific color, but if I were to categorize it into a color I’d say light green? Like that OPI Burlesque glitter. Both glitters went on pretty neatly and not very chunkily.

Daphne is a almost opaque in 1 coat dusty teal creme. Gorgeous. Similar to OPI’s Mermaid’s Tears.


Kate is a soft shimmered white. This is almost opaque in 2 coats which is surprising for a white. The shimmer is super gentle and doesn’t come out as frosty.

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