A while back I got a few things from the Inglot counter at the Macys in San Francisco. I didn’t end up posting photos and swatches though, so here they are now 🙂
Inglot is a brand that I do already own a few products from, and that I like quite a bit. Their eye shadows are a cult favorite because of their amazing pigmentation and as far as I can tell, the rest of their line is pretty fantastic as well.
On this trip to the counter I only picked up 3 shadows (plus an extra palette that fits 10), 2 pigments and a body sparkle.
If you live in the Bay Area, the Inglot Counter in the Union Square Macy’s is on the bottom floor, towards the back (if you enter from the side that faces Tiffany’s). It’s easy to find though, if you browse around. 
Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow 10 Square Palette

In general, I plan on trying all the other products (face, nails, etc) that Inglot has to offer, but I mostly go and browse the shadows because to me, that has the best value for price. A 10 palette in their Freedom System is MUCH more inexpensive than if you got 10 shadows from Mac. The quality is also generally better and the palettes are much more sturdy. Mac does have their benefits in that they’re so easily accessible and so much more user friendly (the standard girl doesn’t need more than 10 shades of matte bright eyeshadow), but if you have the opportunity to see Inglot products in person, I highly recommend you do.

If you don’t have the opportunity to see them in person, you can purchase Inglot online on their shopping site (which is different than their general info site).
Now on to the swatches!

AMC Shine 33

Inglot has a ton of different finishes for their shadows, all with abbreviations on the packaging. To add to that complication, they also number their shadows. So really, unless you write them down, it’s really hard to remember which ones you have.
AMC Shine 33 is a pretty aqua color. Very me. The shimmer in the pan swatches true on the skin, and applies as well. This shadow was very easy to use and blend out and the swatch above was just one pass of my finger (no layering).

AMC Shine 30
AMC Shine 30 is a buttery cream color with the same type of shimmer as the teal color. This one is an amazing highlight and applies so smoothly it’s just a dream to work with.
D.S. 501
This is a gray taupe color with silver microglitter dispersed throughout it. It’s like the glitter you see in Mac’s Black Tied shadow. It’s beautiful. The gray taupe color is matte, otherwise. The D.S. formula is super unique in that all the colors in that formula do the same thing. They are probably my favorite Inglot finish.
Inglot also has a bunch of pigments. I have 2 of them already, and I really quite enjoy using them so I thought I would look through what they had and pick up a few more. These are much more expensive for what you get, as compared to Mac so I was a bit wary and really only found that the ones I had plus these two were the only ones I had wanted out of their Pigment line.

82 is a chunky bronze to pink duochrome. It’s really…. really chunky. It swatches chunky as well. If you press it on it gives a beautiful metallic finish though. The pink was really hard to photograph so you’ll just have to take my word on the fact that it’s there :p.
It does fallout a little when you use it dry, so I’ve been using it wet and the duochrome comes out more as well as the finish is more metallic and it’s just easier to work with.
I’m actually only 90% sure that this one is 85. There’s another that’s pretty much the same just with a slightly bluer duochrome. But I think this one is 85. If it’s not, I’ll add an edit in later lol.
This is like Mac’s Blue Brown pigment, just with a golden pistachio green duochrome instead. It’s lovely and very pigmented and as you can see, much less chunky. It’s definitely super smooth and a pleasure to work with as well.

These actually caught my eye on the way out. In the display they looked like Mac’s Reflects Pearl pigments, which I was on my way to a Mac Pro later to pick some up and instead, I bought one of these.

I swatched a ton, and wanted to get a few of them but a lot of them were out of stock. I did pick up this one though, and it was the last one they had of this color.


This is a very very finely milled cosmetic grade and eye safe glitter. This particular one is a white with gold reflects. It’s got a slight pink gold look to it but it doesn’t swatch like that. In fact, I think it swatches pretty identical to 56.
The Body Sparkles might be my new favorite formula of glitter though. Very fairy like and so so cute and pretty 😀

2 thoughts on “Inglot Swatches! AMC Pure Pigments, Eye Shadows, Body Sparkle

  1. Thanks for taking the time to swatch, these look great. I would've never thought to look at DS 501 from the site (there's no store near me so I'm stuck buying online) but it is gorgeous! I have one DS shadow, it's a light beige tan, and the formula is one of my favorites too


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