On a random and rare note, I felt like baby pink one day so I pulled out China Glaze’s Sweetheart. I wanted to add some more girlyness to it so I added a coat of L’Oreal’s Silver Sparkle and thus a baby girl’s bedroom was “born” on my nails lol.
China Glaze’s Something Sweet is the perfect baby pink polish. It’s right in the middle of warm and cool toned pinks and is very pastel and pretty. The formula isn’t the greatest… it takes 3 coats and the first two were a bit streaky. The third evened things out though.
L’Oreal’s Silver Sparkle is an opalescent glitter. It looks like crushed pearls, or the inside of an abalone shell. Very pretty and… sort of mermaid’s treasure like. That one applied very nicely. My ring finger has one coat on it.
China Glaze can be found at Ulta and Sally’s and retails for between $3 and $4. L’Oreal can be purchased at all drugstores and is between $8 and $9. I used Nubar’s Foundation Base Coat and Seche Vite. This manicure lasted about 4 days with no chipping.

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