Every spring OPI releases a few more colors into their Soft Shades collection always around a theme. There was the Circus theme from last year, with that dainty blue reflective glitter. This year it’s all based around the New York City Ballet. 
The collection had 6 polishes, 5 were very sheer but in very unique base colors, and the 6th was a glitter. The glitter is a clear base with lots of subdued gray glitter in big and small pieces. As for the colors, there was your standard sheer white and pale pink, but they both apply very nicely onto the nail. Then there was a pale grayish blue, purple and peach. After seeing all of them in person, I only picked up the purple and the glitter.
Care To Danse?
In my photos, it looks very pink, but it really is mostly a lilac base. Others’ photos make the polish look very very purple but mine definitely doesn’t look like that.
It’s meant to be worn very sheer, and jelly like on the nail. So even with multiple coats it doesn’t build to an opaque purple base.
Care To Danse, two coats, natural light
Pirouette My Whistle
Pirouette My Whistle is meant to be paired with any of the colors. For a glitter, it’s a very delicate glitter and not at all glitzy. It’s… a neutral glitter lol. 
It layers pretty nicely. It takes about 2 coats to get a good amount of glitter on the nail. It doesn’t feel overly thick though.

Pirouette My Whistle, 2 coats, over Care To Danse, Natural Light

I paired the two together and had that combination on my nails for a good week. Outside the glitter does come through but it’s not a blindingly shiny glitter. It’s more dainty and very… well ballerina like. It is really an under-whelming glitter, and not in a bad way. Totally wearable for an office because it’s not a discoball.
The microglitter definitely gives it another gentle look.
I used Nubar’s Foundation Base Coat and Seche Vite. OPI is available in Salons and Ulta and retail for between $8 and $9. You may still be able to find these colors in store, although I think they were limited edition.

Outdoor natural light / shade

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