Every Winter and Summer I look forward to the big collections Mac puts out because they always include a number of their Mineralized products, my favorite being the Mineralize Skin Finishes they have. My first was Warm & Cozy, followed by In The Groove, Naturally, and many more where I picked up MSFs as well as some other fantastic highlighting products.
Mac’s skin “enhancing” products are my favorite – their highlighters, MSFs, “Extra Dimension Skinfinishes” the like. I think they always give the most product for the most money and use. They also do the best for my skin and people always ask about my skin when I wear them They’re pretty much a staple for me. 
Heavenly Creatures was a full collection including Mineralized Eye Shadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, Mineralized Blushes and many more. With universe and space themed names there were a lot of products to choose from. I always think these collections are a good place for Mac and makeup newbies to not only get acquainted to the world of Limited Edition products as well as what Mac has to offer in terms of range. Mac is one of the only brands I know of that puts out a full collection of new and limited edition products every couple of months. For anybody that’s shopped Mac for longer than a year there probably won’t be that many things to choose from because there are so many products that are similar to others from their Permanent as well as other collections. 
I do, however, think it’s weird that they released all these colors for Fall when really they seem more Summer appropriate. Oh well.
Anyways, more photos and swatches are after the jump 🙂 Enjoy!

Invincible Light Mineralize Eye Shadow
I don’t usually pick up any Mineralize Eye Shadows from Mac but this one was very pretty and shimmery so I bought it as a good neutral color. Not only will I have a million uses out of it, but I can easily just use it as a shadow when I travel as that one shadow I can use for everything.
Invincible Light is a light golden color when swatched with a slight lilac tinge to it. Very pretty.

Star Wonder Mineralize Skin Finish
I said in the video there were 3 released but I lied there were 4.
This is the more peachy-pink gold one. It has a raspberry and petal pink veining as well as a shimmery gold. The shimmery gold definitely comes through strongly. The product swatches to a coral like pink with gold sheen. Very Summery.
Light Year Mineralize Skin Finish
This one swatches very much like the peach blush that ELF has. It’s a light coral with gold sheen to it. This would look good on the cheek as well as slightly taken up to look like a highlight. I’ve worn this a few times already and have liked the results.
Cut A Caper Lipstick – Lustre Finish
This is a slightly more red coral lipstick. It’s Lustre finish doesn’t make it seem to opaque so it tints the lips perfectly with a slight coral color. I think I’ve found my favorite coral lipstick. This is a repromote.
Star Wonder / Light Year / Cut A Caper

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