I posted this video on my channel a few weeks ago and I’ve finally come around to posting all the swatches and photos from it 🙂
Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy
This is from the spring Navigate Her collection. It’s a very safe, lilac, pastel creme color. Similar to Lilacism, but it has a dainty and beautiful shimmer in it. The shimmer goes from blue to sort of like a snowy, crystally white. It’s much more evident in the bottle than on the nail, but you definitely can see the shimmer when looked at the right way. I tried to get angles of it in photos, but it’s super hard to get it to focus right. 
Here’s a bottle picture of it though:
Nars Schiap
Bright pink creme. It’s closer to the bottle picture than the swatch picture. But it’s still in-between if you see it swatched in person. Formula for this was very nice and easy to work with. Super opaque.
Sparitual Its Raining Men
This one I’ve already worn and got a lot of comments on at work. It’s a light blue base, almost periwinkle, with a very strong sunset like duochrome. It’s like sunset over a beach. It’s so pretty in person! The formula was nice and smooth and it was opaque in 2 coats. There was little to no streaking, which sometimes I expect with duochromes because of the finish of the polish and it’s slight almost frosty finish it can have.
Ciaté Paint Pots Jewel
This is the polish I think I was most excited to get. It’s a bar glitter that’s like a smokey blue in color but has a super strong holo to it. I’ve gotten comments about it along the lines of “OMG” “IT LOOKS LIKE DIAMONDS” “ITS A FUZZY RAINBOW!”. I love it. It goes on pretty easily and builds to an opaque glitter pretty quickly. The packaging is adorable and it is definitely a really unique glitter. 
Butter London Slapper
This isn’t new but I just thought I’d show you it anyways since I haven’t yet. Teal creme, super nice formula. You all know why I like it so much lol.

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