Chubby sticks are like… the new thing I guess. Tarte has their Lipsurgence line, Clinique has their Chubby Sticks, and now Revlon has released a balm stain in the form of the chubby stick. 
After the major hit that was the Lip Butters, I, as well as many many others, were excited to try these. Revlon really is the go-to brand at the drugstore for anything lip product, and so it’s no surprise that these got such a huge reception.
Just as the name implies, it’s a balm, but also it really does stain the lips and doesn’t just disappear just a few hours, like that I’ve found with my Tarte Lipsurgence balms. 

The packaging is very similar to the Clinique Chubby Sticks. They come in a plastic tube, with a pointed tip of product under the cap, sort of like a giant crayon. The product twists up from the bottom.

I picked the color Honey because it was the most neutral color of the bunch. There’s a lavender, a peach, a coral, a red… possibly a bright pink in the line. I didn’t want to get a bunch in case I didn’t like the formula so I stuck with the color that was most neutral.
Honey is a slightly dusty midtoned berry pink. It glides on very smoothly and deposits enough color to just tint my lips a nice healthy pink. The color lasts on my lip with a nice, moisturizing slight gloss, like Mac’s Glaze lipstick formula, for about 3 hours. After that, the color stays on my lips as a slight stain, just not slightly dewy and moist looking. 
I certainly loved the texture of the product and the way it wore for what it was offering so I’m probably going to pick up a few more.
These retail for about $7 eat drugstores.

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