I’m slowly sorting through and posting things that I’ve needed to post for a while. I stared with my most recent haul from Sephora and the drugstore since they’re the most relevant for now. I’ll get caught up on my NOTW posts soon after that. 

First thing to post would be the new Milani felt tipped liner I bought at CVS. My L’Oreal Lineur Intense liner was running out of…. juice. So I went to CVS to get another one when this one caught my eye. I hadn’t tried very many of Milani’s products before, but the ones I had tried I had loved so I put this in my basket without any question whatsoever.
It retails for about $8, so it’s really no big hit if I didn’t like it in the end.
The packaging shows how thin the liner tip is and has some descriptions about it’s amazingness. I never really read the packaging but the picture of the liner tip gave me good hopes as well.

The product itself is not as wet as the L’Oreal liner. The tip isn’t as wet either but the product comes out very opaque and strong on its own. There is a slightly rubbery handle but it wouldn’t make a difference as to how easy the product is to use.
I do like how precise the liner is, and the length of the tip itself. It makes it very easy to lay the liner down on my lashline and create a very precise and easy flick.
The liner stays on all day and is easy to remove so you don’t have to rub so hard on your eyes.
I recommend this liner if you’re looking for something new. I still like the L’Oreal liner a little bit more because I find the moisture of the L’Oreal liner more comfortable on my lashline when drawing the line on my eye. It’s not a drastic difference between the L’Oreal and Milani, I just prefer one over the other. I do, however, like the tip of the Milani much better than the L’Oreal.
These should be available at all drugstores and should retail between $7 and $9.

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