There’s not much to say when it comes to the fact that I finally got Nfu Oh’s #61. I…. well yelped with excitement when the box arrived because it took well over a year to finally get my hands on 2 bottles of this. One for me, and one for you guys!
As I mention in the video, the search for the perfect silver holo polish has been my mission for such a long time now that it’s like I’m in the Sims 2 and I finally reached a Lifetime Achievement. Not to be super nerdy about it or anything.
Nfu Oh’s 61 has pretty much been the blogging world’s go to silver holo to compare to so again, I’m stoked to have finally gotten my hands on it.
Without further ado, here are swatches and comparisons to Glitter Gal’s Turbulence, which is their silver holo, and is gorgeous in itself.

Nfu Oh 61 / Glitter Gal Turbulence
Natural Sunlight

To start with, Nfu Oh’s 61 is a much finer milled holo and is a slightly lighter silver. The formula is pretty thick and you definitely need the Aqua Base to use as a base coat. You’ll also have to wait until the base coat is completely dry to get a flawless finish. Nfu Oh’s 61 is really not an easy polish to use, as it’s consistency and finickyness with base coats. It really does need to dry in between coats, but I think the finished product is worth it.
When painting, the polish may just look fuzzy but and really not special:

My stomach sank when I saw that but trust me, it dries to the most intensely magnificent holo finish.
As I mentioned before, the holo in the Nfu Oh is much finer than the Glitter Gal, and it makes the Glitter Gal look more pixel like than a fully smooth linear holo.
The polish Turbulence by Glitter Gal is a different formula than the Nfu Oh as it feels and looks almost like you’re painting a watery gel over your nails than your standard polish. 61 was more like a thick nail polish than a gel. 
Because of that, the Glitter Gal paints on and you already see the holo. You need about 3 coats to get to full no-visible-nail-line-opacity. Nfu Oh’s you get full opacity at 2 coats, possibly even 1.
Natural Sunlight / With Flash
I really do think both are worth having, especially if you love holo polishes. If you ever stumble upon (which is where you can get Nfu Oh polishes) and see 61 in stock, I highly recommend getting it. It’s $12.50, after $25 or $50 then you get free shipping, so get a few of the flakies or the other holos and the Aqua Base coat. If you live in California then you have to pay tax.
As for the Glitter Gal you can get it on Llarowe. Ozotic also has a holo polish but they are discontinuing the line so if you can’t get the Ozotic, the Glitter Gal will still be available. I personally like the Glitter Gal more anyways.

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