It’s rare that I do a fashion or accessory post but I think I’m going to do them more now.
I recently got the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Clutch off of StefaniBags and am LOVING IT in this warm summer weather. It’s the perfect color for the next couple of months and it really is the perfect size as well.
The Mini Mac Clutch has a detachable cross body chain so you can actually use it as a clutch, instead of a small purse. I totally intend on using it as a purse though. 
It’s about 8 inchess tall, 11 inches long and 2 inches wide. It holds quite a bit for a smaller purse. I love how easy it is to spot because it’s a neon yellow. This comes in a ton of different colors too.
I’ve seen these on Nordstrom, and a lot of different sites, but I ended up purchasing it from Stefani Bags, which has a lot of accessories for a good price. They also have a point system if you join and that can bring you lots of discounts.
Shipping was decent especially since they were shipping from New Jersey. It got to my house within 4 business days.
I like accessories so I’ve been switching everything out to my summer stuff. I may do more posts like this since I get a lot of questions in emails about what I like to wear and such.

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