OPI just released a collection in collaboration with the new Spiderman film that will be released this summer. First of all, I died. Just died all over the place. I’m a geek. I wet myself during the 2 times I’ve seen the Avengers so far. I’m in love with Batman, I identify with Catwoman. So a new Spiderman movie not only had me a tither but an OPI collection along with it? JUST DIED.
THEN I SAW THE PROMO PICS. There were 2 Chanel look-a-likes AND a new Shatter that wasn’t a creme finish. The other polishes were based off of Spiderman (and I didn’t get them). 
So yeah, already this collection was a winner for me.
I bought 3 of the 7 polishes available, the 2 Chanel possible-dupes and the Shatter.
These are available now, and can be purchased at Ulta, Pure Beauty, Trade Secret, and salons and beauty supply stores. I bought mine on AveYou.com. They retail for between $8 and $9.
Swatches after the jump!

Number One Nemesis
This is the Graphite Dupe. That’s all I’m going to say really lol. Last year, Chanel released a 3 polish collection based off of precious stones. I didn’t buy the 3rd one but I did buy Graphite and Peridot because they were so hyped, and well… beautiful. 
Number One Nemesis is pretty much the same polish, as it’s a graphite gray shimmer with gold shimmer laced into it. If there’s any difference, I’d say the Chanel is slightly shimmerier and the OPI is slightly more smokey. 
Chanel Graphite / OPI Number One Nemesis
Chanel Graphite / OPI Number One Nemesis
OPI’s is opaque in 2 coats and had a very easy to deal with formula. I’m glad that it’s so much closer to Chanel’s than Revlon Carbonite, which was pretty much the most close color until now.

Just Spotted The Lizard
This is why I bought a new camera. LOOK. LOOK AT HOW IT PHOTOGRAPHS. IT’S INSANE.
This is the Peridot Dupe of the collection. The base is a golden green that shifts (in the bottle) to blue and to gold and to green, like the top of a Scarab Beetle. So so so pretty!

When swatched, it’s really just a gold with a green shift. Sometimes there’s a blue but you have to hold it at a silly angle to see it.

It’s again, pretty much the same as the Chanel, just the Chanel is slightly shimmerier, and the OPI has a slightly less dark base. The Chanel is sightly stronger as well. But, essentially they are the same color.
OPI Just Spotted The Lizard / Chanel Peridot
OPI Just Spotted The Lizard / Chanel Peridot

OPI Shatter The Scales

Color Club has a shimmery/glass fleck crackle and that’s the closest in finish you’ll find to this. I did a post and swatches of those, if you’d like to see them 🙂
Shatter The Scales is a dark forrest green with a inky blue and gold shimmer to it. It’s gorgeous! The color is definitely opaque in one coat and the shimmer translates very well, which is great because it’s an improvement from the silver shatter last year that was so sheet and you didn’t get a good effect with. This is probably my favorite shatter or crackle polish of all.

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