WAY long ago Sara sent me these two polishes in a box. Since China Glaze is releasing come glitter crackle polishes this year, I thought I’d show you the two non-standard crackle finish polishes that I have as a warm-up to the China Glaze ones I know I’ll eventually buy lol.
Color Club has a small little collection of Fractured polishes (which is their clever name à la OPI Shatter and China Glaze Crackle Glaze). They originally made your standard Black, White, Silver, Gold, Blue polishes, which I do have swatches of already but I didn’t even realize they had made these until Sara sent them to me. These are gorgeous though and are very unique from the other crackle polish colors that are out there so I was sort of shocked to see the crackle design on the cap.
The formula on these were standard, which was nice because with the first round of silver/metallic crackle polishes brought an issue with the crackle design – the metallics were sheer so in order to get an opaque color you’d need a lot of polish, but with the thick coat came very large pieces and not a lot of crackling. Unless you layered strategically over a very contrasting color, you’d either get very thick silver pieces with a little bit of the base color peeking through or what looked like a weird wash of silver over a base coat. 
It was nice to see the color was opaque and the effect of the polish coming through with no sort of hassle. 
The Great Divide
The Great Divide is a dark blue-green base with a gorgeous dark bottle green and gold glass fleck shimmer. The glass flecks definitely translate into the crackle swatches so I was very VERY pleased with this color. Not only is it a gorgeous color on it’s own, but crackled on top of a black would just be stunning.
Burgundy Burst
Burgundy Burst is a very sexy red shimmer. I’d totally wear this on it’s own (as a regular polish if it were a regular formula) and so crackling this over another red or even a deep purple would give this very vampy, deep, rich color that I think would look beautiful. The shimmer showed through nicely as well. 
These can be purchased online at etailers and can be purchased for between $3 and $5.  

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