I’m bad. I know. It’s not really all that great that I’m reviewing a Christmas item right now, but I’m fairly positive that it will be released again this winter so it’s all good.
Lush’s Three Gold Rings is one of their most popular Holiday Bubble Bars. It’s shaped like a little cone dome and is a swirl of gold and tan product. It smells like vanilla and their Crème Anglaise body cream so it’s a very luxurious and comforting scent. The scent definitely translates really well into the bath water and lingered on my skin for a couple of hours. The water felt pretty soft and moisturizing during and after the bath so it was a very pampering experience.
This bubble bar will give you three or four baths, if you like a medium amount of bubbles. I used half of it in one bath because I enjoy a really frothy bath. It produced an average amount of bubbles, when compared to the other bubble bars I’ve tried from Lush and other companies. The bubbles popped a little quick for my taste so I was hoping it would last a little longer. I did also use this after letting it sit for almost 4 months so that could also be the problem.
It didn’t dye my water like a lot of other Lush products do, so that was good. I would find it very odd to bathe in tannish yellow water.
I quite enjoy the scent of this one and so I will probably purchase it again. You all know I quite like these decadent and comforting scents so it really fit in my favorite genre of products.
Three Gold Rings was about $8 and will hopefully be available again during the holiday season at Lush stores and Lush online.

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