This is another product Sara sent me. It’s one of the giant haul of Soap & Glory goodies she sent me. Clean On Me is their clarifying shower gel. I’ve heard quite a few very positive things about this product so I was excited to start using it.
It smells just like their Flake Away Scrub and Hand Food, which is a sweet Lavender smell. Very bath-y. I find that I use this whenever I take a shower since it has a more invigorating scent than the other gel that I’m currently using, Lush’s It’s Raining Men. It’s not an out-right invigorating smell, there is a comforting side to it as well, but it’s more of a daytime, nourishing scent than a night time smell which I associate with It’s Raining Men.
It is a creamy “gel” – more like the consistency of a more fluid moisturizer. It isn’t viscous or sticky, just more fluid. Because it feels like a moisturizer, it’s not as drying as your typical shower gel. It lathers really nicely both in a Loofa and in the hand and the scent lingers quite nicely on the skin. 
My only complaint is that the pump is so small. I wish it would dispense a little more product. I find myself frantically pumping the product 6 or 7 times in order to get a good little dollop of product in my hand. I like a very frothy shower gel, especially when I use a Loofa. It just makes me feel cleaner. It’s a very minor complaint though and not something that is going to deter me from using it. 
This can be purchased at Sephora as well as Ulta.

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