Lush has a ton of products that don’t get as much attention because they’re not the cult favorites. The majority of their shampoos and conditioners are on that list. 
Conditioner bars are a weird concept because it’s sort of like a bar of soap, or a moisturizer bar, but for your hair. You wet your hair, and just run it along your hair and let it sit then rinse it out. Weird. At least for me.
I decided to start looking at Lush hair products because with the transition of seasons again, and because of swimming, I wanted to change my hair routine, and include products that had less synthetic fillers and more natural products. I think Lush is on the more affordable side of that spectrum of products so it was the first place I went looking. 
I pretty much looked through all the hair products they had to offer, and talked to some of the Lush employees and ended up getting a small American Cream bottle to try out. I loved it, and will have a review of it up later, and wanted to try it out again but didn’t want to pay for shipping or go out of my way to get another one because it was midterm season. I then remembered I had bought a Jungle conditioner bar WAY back to fill my free shipping fulfillment during the holiday time.
Jungle’s sent is very much just like a Lush store. It’s earthy, but also got that comforting smell behind it. Also a fresh smell. It sort of smells what I would imagine a Lush store would smell like in the middle of a rainforest.
The texture isn’t super oily, and more of a clean conditioning texture. When you run it in your hair, it actually doesn’t feel like it’s don’t anything to your hear at all. Not silky or anything. I normally run it along my hair like 6 or 7 times because I have quite a bit of hair, and then let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing it out. I’ve used it probably 15 times (15 showers, which is like 80 runs along my hair) now and have barely used half of it.
After rinsing it out my hair does noticeably feel stronger, look shinier, and conditioned. Actually conditioned. As in, “in good shape”. Most bottled conditioners that I’ve used from drugstores give my hair a very silky feeling but not as if I it is “in shape”. The pretty feeling of it goes away after a day. Jungle makes me feel like it’s actually working, and for the long term.
I quite like this, and will probably purchase it again at some point, after I’m done experimenting with all the other Lush hair products. I think this is best for those with naturally straight hair, like me. I know a lot of people with coarse or hard to deal with hair won’t like this because it’s not a very strong hair conditioner. But since my hair isn’t really in need of a dire treatment, this works great for me.
These are $7.95 each and can be purchased at Lush.

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