I can’t even describe how much this polish dazzles. Pictures don’t do it justice. Deborah Lippman’s “Good Girl Gone Bad” is a real winner for me. 
It’s a wine red, berry base with a ton of microglitter. The glitter is magenta and gold and together, they just twinkle so beautifully. The color leans more red in some lighting, pink in others, and vampy in others. It’s just so unique and so so pretty.

The formula was great. It was pigmented in two coats and dried pretty quickly. I used it over Nubar’s foundation base coat and under Seche Vitte. The polish actually dries to a slightly bumpy, not as deeply shimmery finish but it really comes alive with a top coat.
This was $16 on Deborah Lippmann’s website and can be purchased there or at Nordstrom.

Inside, artificial lighting

Outside, cloudy weather.

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