I was recently contacted by Robin from Emtage Hair to review their hair serum. I’m a huge fan of hair serums, as you know, so I was very excited for this product to come in the mail so I could try it out.
For about two weeks, I tested it to see how my hair responded to it, and to see how to use it. Luckily, my hair just ate it up and LOVED IT.
Generally, hair serums work really well for my hair. I have an oily scalp, but drier ends, especially because I swim, so when I use a hair serum or conditioning oil, my hair responds well to it. This time though, my hair responded SO well that people genuinely stopped and asked me what I used. I did recently switch over to Lush hair products, which I will do a review of as well, but I tested the Lush products with some of my old hair oils, and the Emtage Silktage Rejuvenating Stying Serum really did make a big difference.
The product itself looks a little like olive oil, and has the same viscosity. It doesn’t have a strong artificially perfumed smell. This all seems right to me because the Emtage hair serum is all natural and all organic. If it’s all organic and all natural, it’s fitting that it looks and feels like something that I eat and has been known to be a very good ingredient for your body, right? (By the way, the same way that olive oil condenses in cold temperatures, this serum also condenses.)
And, like olive oil, it comes in a bottle with a little oil dropper top. Like you’d see in a bottle of olive oil. I like this because it’s very easy to control exactly how many drops you get. Product doesn’t get wasted. Since it isn’t priced like a drugstore product, more like a high end product, it’s nice to know I’m getting my money’s worth. My main problem with the other oils I’ve used have been the packaging and how easy it is to waste product. The small bottle of Moroccan Oil I used had a huge opening and I probably always used more oil than I needed.
I go into how the product works more in my video, above, as well as where to purchase and how much it costs.
I truly love this new hair serum and definitely will be purchasing another when it runs out.

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