It’s been rainy and cold this past 2 weeks, which is completely opposite of what it was before, so I pulled some darker cremes and decided to paint my nails with OPI’s Road House Blues.
Road House Blues was from their fall OPI Touring America collection. It’s a dark navy blue creme, which sits really in the middle as it doesn’t lean towards being warmer or cooler, or really dusty or anything. It’s very unique in that way. I don’t have very many dark blue cremes.
The formula for this was great – opaque in 2 coats. I got this done again at the salon, which btw happens about once every two weeks now. Work has gotten super stressful and adding in school and swimming I find my hour at the salon every other week like floating on a cloud. It’s wonderful. 
Anyways, they used Orly’s base coat and top coat. I don’t remember specifically which ones they were but I know they were by Orly. This manicure lasted about a good 6 days before I got tired of the color and changed it. It was great though, no chipping or anything.
OPI Colors are available at salons and stores like Ulta, Trade Secret, Pure Beauty and various other etailers and beauty supply stores. They retail for about $8-$9. This color is pretty readily available as well.

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