I majorly splurged on Ozotic polishes. I went all out. Ozotic probably does the best special effect polishes of the brands that I purchased – they make not just holographic polishes, and multi-chrome polishes, but they make polishes that are a mix of the two and they’re AMAZING. Plus they make duochrome glitter polishes. Wait I take that back. Multi-Chrome glitters. Like… what? Who even thought of that? 
I’m thankful that they did. The effects in their polishes are so strong that even indoors, they photograph ridiculously.
Their polishes are fantastic. Originally from Australia, it makes me so so so sad that I have to pay such a steep price for them. They’re totally worth it. And make me want to go to Australia even more than I wanted to before. 
For all of us in the US, they’re available at Llarowe.com, which is where I got a whole lot of international brands. Llarowe is an independent nail polish seller that sells brands like A-England, Ozotic, Hits, and Ludurana just to name a few. I personally had a fantastic experience with them from communication, to shipping. I ordered my polishes on a friday and received them on a monday. Two of the polishes I ordered were actually backordered and they contacted me almost immediately after I filed my order. We had a very pleasant chat about being refunded and I almost instantly got my money back after we talked.
Ozotic Polishes are $17.50 each.

The only downside (which is really nothing at all) is that their polishes are all by number, more of an annoyance than something outright negative. 
Anyways, 509 is a silver linear holographic polish. The polish is a very strong holo and is almost perfect. The Glitter Gal polish is slightly more intense but this polish is pretty damn close to that. 3 coats were used to get an opaque coverage in this, an all of the swatches.
By the way, those bottle photos are indoors, natural evening light, and it’s not direct sunlight either. That’s how ridiculous they are. So intense and so pretty!
flash / natural light
Very opaque reddish purple. Much more of a berry purple than Hits’ Dionisio. Super linear holo. This is probably my favorite of the holo polishes. I love a nice warm purple and having it in holo form is not only unique but just beautiful.
natural light / flash
This is a much more Christmas-y red than the Hits’ ruby red holo. It’s also much more opaque… less jelly, more like a satin red ribbon. Shiny and rich and just super red. The holo in this is also stronger than in the Hits polish.
flash / natural light
This one was extraordinarily difficult to photograph the holo in swatch form. It’s very vibrant in bottle form, but in the swatches? So difficult. It’s really evident in real life. 
This also goes on opaque in one coat. Like seriously, one coat is perfect. I used three for consistency sake but it was really  completely unnecessary. 
natural light / natural light / flash
This is the first of the three multi-chrome holographic polishes I bought. The multi-chrome in this one goes from a greenish gold to a red to a slight berry pink and purple color. Under that is the linear holo.
The polish itself is kind of sheer – with three coats you can still see your nail underneath. Unique, and pretty but still not it’s full potential of a polish. 
BUT if you layer it over a black, it’s a whole new game. The intensity of it all just multiplies by 100 and the true nature of the polish comes out. You don’t lose any part of the polish either. The multi-chrome and the holo are strong even when layered over black.
over black
natural light shade / natural light sun / flash
The next two, 533 and 534 are really really similar. This one is slightly more blue than the next.
It’s a really delicate silvery gray base with a purple to red/orange and then back to blue/green multichrome with holo.
It performs the same as 531 – sheer on it’s own but fantastical over black.

natural light shade / natural light sun / flash
Gray base with a blue/purple to red/orange multi-chrome. This is slightly more purple than 533. 

natural light sun / natural light shade / flash
This is one of the multi-chrome glitters. The glitters are in a clear base, but are very very densely packed so it looks like it’s in a colored base in the bottle.
528 goes from red/orange to purple to teal and blue. SO pretty!
The glitter applies sort of sparse so you do need to layer it but 3 coats gives a nice speckle of glitter. If you want a full coverage glitter, you’ll want to work slow, and to wait for coats to dry so you get the best effect from the glitter.
natural light shade / natural light shade / natural light sun

This is like a sunset of glitter in a bottle. Stunningly pretty. The glitter goes from a fire-y orange red to a magenta to a blue purple.

natural light shade / natural light sun / flash

holos in flash

multi-chromes in flash

multi-chrome glitters in flash

2 thoughts on “Ozotic Elytra, Holographic & Multi-Chrome Nail Polishes

  1. Don't be concerned over the steep price. I'm from Australia and can barely locate ozotic, picture polish and glitter gal. We may have great brands pumping out from Aus, but it's a misrepresentation of polish availability over here, of any brand. Llarowe is looking to be my best chance even -.-“

    Bummer aside, your swatches are gorgeous 🙂


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