Ludurana and Up Colors are both also makers of multi-effect polishes. I picked two holos, one from each brand since I had gotten so many other holos from other brands. After browsing different swatches, I decided to pick Ludurana’s lilac-purple holo and Up’s silver, just to compare both and because those two are colors that I can’t ever get tired of. 
For all of us in the US, they’re available at, which is where I got a whole lot of international brands. Llarowe is an independent nail polish seller that sells brands like A-England, Ozotic, Hits, and Ludurana just to name a few. I personally had a fantastic experience with them from communication, to shipping. I ordered my polishes on a friday and received them on a monday. Two of the polishes I ordered were actually backordered and they contacted me almost immediately after I filed my order. We had a very pleasant chat about being refunded and I almost instantly got my money back after we talked.
Ludurana Holographic polishes are $14 each and Up’s are $9
Supremo is a lilac-purple linear holo. The holo in this is very strong, and the particles are slightly less fine than the Hits and Glitter Gal polishes. 
This one takes two to three coats to be opaque. It’s blindingly holo in the sunshine. Very pretty! And definitely a polish I’ll not ever get tired of. This is much stronger than China Glaze’s purple holo. Similar in color though. Now I can use both without freaking out about running out 🙂
flash / natural light
Chuva de Prata
Another silver holo, with slightly less fine holo particles. It’s less intense than the Glitter Gal holo. The silver is also a little bit more grey. It’s definitely very very holographic though. 
It’s opaque in three coats.
natural light / flash
Chuva de Prata / Supremo

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