Next stop on the giant swatch-a-thon that is the haul I recently did, is Glitter Gal. Glitter Gal is an Australian brand that is most well known for their holographic polish Lizard Belly (which I purchased). 
I definitely went holo crazy in this big haul, so don’t be surprised to see predominantly holographic nail polishes in the next few posts. 
Glitter Gal actually has two different types of holographic polish, linear polishes and their 3D Sparkle Holographic polishes. The 3D Sparkle polishes are more along the lines of holographic glitter dispersed through the polish, versus these three polishes, which are linear polishes. 
For all of us in the US, they’re available at, which is where I got a whole lot of international brands. Llarowe is an independent nail polish seller that sells brands like A-England, Ozotic, Hits, and Ludurana just to name a few. I personally had a fantastic experience with them from communication, to shipping. I ordered my polishes on a friday and received them on a monday. Two of the polishes I ordered were actually backordered and they contacted me almost immediately after I filed my order. We had a very pleasant chat about being refunded and I almost instantly got my money back after we talked.
Glitter Gal polishes are $9 for their 12ml polishes and $20 for the 15ml polishes. 

Lizard Belly
Lizard Belly is one of the first non-Nfu Oh or China Glaze holo polishes that was almost readily available to anybody that wanted to purchase it. There’s always those super hard to find Chanel and Gosh polishes but they were ridiculously expensive. Then came Lizard Belly, a polish from Australia that was super strong in it’s linear holo and was a gorgeous deep dark green. It was dark green, it was a linear holo, and it was a polish that was from a brand that wasn’t major in the US. It was new and ever since I first saw it, I had to have it.
This is one of the smaller bottles, since Llarowe was out of stock of the big size. The polish is pretty opaque with one coat. I used 3 in the plastic swatch and 2 on my nails. It flows very beautifully onto the nail and it’s easy to use. It’s amazing!
flash / natural light / natural light
Bondi Blue
Bondi Blue is a bright sky blue with a really intense linear holo. Really really intense. It’s so stunning! Especially outside. The holo is so intense that it’s even cool looking inside. 
The polish is opaque in two coats.
natural light / flash

Turbulence is a very strong silver holo. I think it’s the strongest of the silver holos I purchased and possibly my favorite.
It goes on opaque in two coats. 
flash / natural light
Turbulence / Bondi Blue / Lizard Belly

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