A-England is a brand of polish that I started hearing about almost a year and a half ago and more recently from my friend Radha.
They’ve got a great reputation and with their most recent collection, The Legends, I decided to finally pick up a few of them.
Since they’re a relatively new brand, A-England only has 2 collections so far, but the polishes are all pretty unique colors. I got Tristam from the Mythicals collection, which is one of two polishes from that collection that has a subtle sprinkling of holo in it, and three polishes from the Legends, where all the polishes have that same finish. I actually had every intention of getting the other two polishes from the Legends as well, but they were sold out. Just means I’m going to have to order them later 🙂
For all of us in the US, they’re available at Llarowe.com, which is where I got a whole lot of international brands. Llarowe is an independent nail polish seller that sells brands like A-England, Ozotic, Hits, and Ludurana just to name a few. I personally had a fantastic experience with them from communication, to shipping. I ordered my polishes on a friday and received them on a monday. Two of the polishes I ordered were actually backordered and they contacted me almost immediately after I filed my order. We had a very pleasant chat about being refunded and I almost instantly got my money back after we talked.
A-England polishes sell for $12 on Llarowe.

Ascalon is a grey holo base with a very subtle purple duochrome to it. When swatched inside, it doesn’t scream out and look amazing but when you go out into the sun? It’s phenomenal. The holo bits aren’t quite linear so it gives off a very glowy rainbow holo just under the duochrome and over the gray. Very armor like. It’s so pretty!
It’s pretty solid with 2 coats. 
natural light / natural light / flash

Bridal Veil
Bridal Veil is a super opaque black with subtle holo shimmer. Again, it’s a polish that shines outside above and beyond. 
The polish is opaque for sure in two coats, but can easily be done with one.
natural light / flash / natural light
Princess Sabra (Tristam Eyes)
Princess Sabra is a gold-green with subtle holo shimmer. It’s very cat-eye colored, which I guess is because it’s also named “Tristam Eyes”, Tristam being the creator’s cat. The holo in this is is almost linear.
This might be my favorite of the bunch. This one is also opaque in 2 coats.
natural light shade / natural light sunlight / flash
This is the only one that I got from the Mythicals collection. It’s got that same finish as the previous three polishes. This has a very opaque royal blue base instead.
This one just looks like a gem in the sunlight. Like… sapphires and diamonds. It’s gorgeous! 2 coats gets this completely opaque as well. 
natural light shade / natural light sunlight / flash

Ascalon / Princess Sabra / Bridal Veil / Tristam

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