I’ve generally had really good luck with makeup wipes. Neutrogena, Quo, and Yes To Cucumbers have all been very good to me. I don’t know about Quo, but the other two are very accessible and inexpensive as well, so really, I always feel like I don’t have to go find a new brand out of dissatisfaction. 
Soap & Glory is a brand that is new to Sephora this past year. They used to be carried at Target but now they’re not. I don’t know why. They made a big splash in the beauty community though when they became available at Sephora. 
My Sephora is on the smaller side so they don’t have Soap & Glory available, aside from their Hand Food, so when Sara sent me a box full of items I squealed in glee. Squealed. Like a toddler.
The first thing I tried were the face wipes, since I had just conveniently ran out of my Yes To Cucumber wipes, which I loved and have a review of already.
The texture of these wipes is much more… stretchy and slick. The wipe itself is less rough than the Neutrogena, and is thinner and slightly elasticy. It makes removing makeup a little more difficult. 
I also had my pack of wipes in my bag for like a few days before I started using them and the label came unstuck, so that may have to do with the fact that they weren’t as moist as I thought. But as I go through them, the wipes are getting more moist. 
The wipes do remove the majority of the makeup on my skin, probably the same amount as my Yes To Cucumbers wipes. My skin so far hasn’t reacted at all to the wipes so that’s a plus.
The pack comes with 25 wipes so it’s the same amount as the Neutrogena.
They’re slightly floral scented and moisturize slightly and don’t dry out the skin.
These can be purchased on Sephora online and retail for $10.

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