As always, whenever SayAnythingBr00ke does anything awesome with her nails, I instantly get inspired to do the same thing. She’s awesome. She recently did a Hunger Games inspired manicure to go with Leesha’s (xSparkage) tutorial series. Her nails were inspired by the morphling addicts of District 6.
Her basic idea was a neon water marble. I had only water marbled once on my nails. It was messy and difficult and I was tired and lazy so I didn’t really think I’d ever do it again, but after this tutorial I got totally inspired to give it another shot.  
The tutorial is embedded down below but here’s what I ended up with.
I used all the Color Club Poptastic colors I have and China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy to create random neon rainbowy nails.
I layered it over white so it would come out more vibrant.
For all the effort, and for how I am (which is getting bored with my nails after 2 days), I don’t know if it was really all worth it. I LOVED the results, but I just wish I was able to not get bored after a few days and change it. I did get a million comments about it at work though from both customers AND staff members. My boss like… died. He just couldn’t handle how I did it. My other boss was all excited and “WHAT?? HOW??”. She was cute about it lol.
I used Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine top coat. This lasted a good 4 days before I finally just removed it and let myself change it. 
Brooke’s Tutorial 🙂

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