I really should indulge you all in silly photos of me wearing these masks, but I usually do them at night, and the lighting is bad and I just look gross and… yeah (insert other excuses here haha).
The Cupcake mask is the other mask from Lush I’ve been wanting to try. Oatifix is meant for dryer skin, so I would never have a use for it, and the others don’t seem like I need to try them over Lettuce and Cupcake.
Cupcake is meant for teenage skin and oily skin. It’s pretty gentle on the skin, but does take off the oil and soothes the skin. My skin is super oily and has hormonal breakouts right now and it definitely did help the texture, look, and oiliness of my skin after using it.
This mask actually has a lot of ingredients a real cupcake would have, so it does smell like chocolate cake batter. I didn’t know that cocoa powder was good for the skin like this so it’s pretty cool to know that. The peppermint and spearmint make the mask feel fresher and since it’s cooled before you use it, it feels very soothing.

Like the Lettuce mask, I kept the mask on for closer to thirty minutes instead of 5 to 10. I just like feeling the mask tighten my skin a little bit more as it completely dries. I for sure felt very pampered as it was on my face because it smelled like cake. I actually put this on while I was taking a Lush bubble bath. It was heavenly lol.
The texture of this mask is much less chunky than Lettuce and more… gritty. There are pieces in the mask but it feels more like a fine grained sand than bigger pieces of exfoliator like Lettuce, or for example, the St. Ives exfoliators. 
After the mask dried, I rinsed it off with warm water. The mask takes a little bit of wetting to get off completely so I do recommend a thinner layer of the mask. The clean up can also get a little messy because it’s a brown paste, so the water coming off your face into the sink and onto the counter will be brown. Just make sure to be careful if your bathroom is white or has white mats.

Again, after removal, my skin felt very soft, and slightly exfoliated. It was pretty dried out but a comfortable dry for me since I have pretty oily skin.
These masks can only be purchased at Lush stores, since they are perishable and have to be refrigerated. They retail for $6.95 each and Lush has a wonderful recycling program where if you return any 5 of their black pots (shampoos, conditioners, and various creams come in them as well), you get a free mask.

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