As an August born, not only is Peridot jewelry rare to find, but Peridot themed anything is hard to find. When Chanel released their three spring polishes last year based off of gems, I was elated to see that they named their most unique one after the August birthstone.
Péridot is a metallic gold green with a shift that looks like it goes from blue to gold to green in the bottle.
It’s stunning in the bottle and translates only okay onto the nail, until you see it outside in the sunlight. Then it shines.
It’s a pretty thin formula so it takes about three to four coats but it doesn’t feel thick on the nail. Inside, it goes on to a gold metallic shimmer with a green shift on the edges:
Outside though the sparkle in the gold comes through. It has been cloudy here so I took a photo with flash instead:

As you can see, there’s also a green shift on the edges.
This sort of polish is so difficult to photograph correctly. In the photos you can’t see any of the blue at all but if you wear it there is a slight navy blue right at the edge of the green. It’s hard to describe as well.
Chanel polishes are $28 each. This polish was limited edition but some Nordstrom’s still have them in stock.
I used Nubar’s Foundation base coat and Poshe fast dry top coat. This manicure lasted about 6 days.

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