Pretty much like every other band-wagon Hunger Games fan, I am now obsessed. Truth be told, I heard about the books 8 months ago, bought The Hunger Games, but didn’t read it until like last month. And I was hooked. I read all three books, within 3 days. Yeah. They’re that good.
So when I heard about the nail polish collection being released in conjunction with the movie being released on March 23rd (totally going to the midnight premiere) I was SO excited (well, after I had read the books lol). I pre-ordered them, and they finally came in the mail today!

China Glaze released a 12 piece collection themed off of the Hunger Games and the districts of Panem. Originally they were released on March 1st at Ulta and Sallys and online so these are pretty fresh to the scene.

China Glaze polishes retail for between $3 and $7 and can be found online at etailers and in-store at Ulta and Sally’s.
So without further ado, here are the swatches!

I do apologize there are no bottle photos. They will be uploaded when it’s light out again 🙂 In my rush to put this post up I forgot to take bottle photos.
I’ve organized these by district 🙂
Luxe & Lush – District 1: Luxury
Luxe & Lush is a clear base with jagged opalescent pieces of plastic. They aren’t flakies because those have a much smoother consistency when applying. This is quite a bit chunkier, but not in a bad way. It’ll just be difficult to wear this polish on it’s own. You could do it, but it’s clearly meant to be layered over the other polishes. I layered it over a coat of Stone Cold so you can see the different reflects of the flakes better.

Stone Cold – District 2: Masonry
I like that China Glaze played with texture as well as color and finish in this collection. As I mention in my video, I don’t think I have ever purchased an entire China Glaze collection before. I’ve easily done it with OPI, Zoya, even Essie and quite possibly Mac, Rescue Beauty Lounge and other high end polishes. Besides the fact that this collection is Hunger Games based, the other reason I bought every polish from this collection is that I thought it had a really good mix of colors. Stone Cold is a matte, graphite gray polish that when put a top coat over, just shines with the most beautiful shimmer. It’s also very opaque so you really only need 2 coats of it, possibly 1.
I will upload another, better swatch photo. I again just wanted to get these all up asap.

Riveting – District 3: Electronics/Technology
To be honest, this color doesn’t scream “electronics” or “technology”. It does speak to the Girl On Fire and Katniss in the Hunger Games theme, as well as the bright orange trend that is popular this year. One of the things that I love about China Glaze is that they do glass-fleck polishes really well so the slight gold shimmer in this polish makes it even more beautiful. This is fairly opaque as well, so only 2 coats is really needed.

Hook & Line – District 4: Fishing
I actually like that China Glaze opted for a metallic hook type of gray instead of the obvious ocean blue for the District 4 polish. Hook & Line is a pewter gray frost that again, is totally doable in 2 coats. It does have a slight streakiness to it but that’s expected for a frosty finish.

Electrify – District 5: Power
This one is really quite self-explanatory. It look like electric sparks. Totally wearable on it’s own, it can also be layered (I can’t wait to layer it over Riveting). It’s quite beautiful. The gold and red glitter really work well together to look less Chinese New Year’s and more like fireworks and explosion.
Fast Track – District 6: Transportation
Again, I don’t really know how this connects to Transportation but it’s a very pretty polish. I get the feeling that some of the polishes were meant as color inspirations from the book not from items but from moods. Aside from the first couple of districts, Panem is supposed to be a sullen…. sort of barren and sad place. So these neutral and dusty colors sort of start to make sense. 
Fast Track is a wheat beige color with a stunningly pretty gold shimmer that takes this from your standard neutral, to a neutral with a kick but still very office appropriate and wearable. I’d probably use 3 coats just for my comfort but 2 is totally ok with this polish as well.

Mahogany Magic – District 7: Lumber
Lumber = brown. 
I was tempted to just leave the description at that. It’s a very milky, warmer toned brown. Super smooth, opaque and a dream to apply. I don’t have many browns either so this makes a nice addition to my collection. 

Dress Me Up – District 8: Textiles
This is a mauvey pink grayed out dusty rose color. See what I mean about a less happy more sullen toned air to some of these colors? I feel like with Textiles you could have totally gone a bright route, but I like that it’s a more dusty color. It may seem more fall appropriate but I like it nonetheless.
By the way, I’m also glad they did these polishes themed after districts, and not characters. Effie Pink and President Snow White and Katniss Reaping Dress Blue all seem like obvious choices so this less bright and very book driven set of colors makes me very happy.
Like Mahogany Magic, the formula on this was lovely and this polish is opaque in 2 coats.

Harvest Moon – District 9: Grain
You know, to me it actually would have made more sense for this to be for Transportation (and be called Fast Track) as it’s a brassy, metallic copper foil, and for Fast Track to be called something else since Fast Track seems more grain-y to me. But whatever.
This polish is also very beautiful. I have a few coppery foils but this one is by far my favorite. There’s a little bit more richness to it that makes it so unique. 
This was probably better with 3 coats since the formula is thinner.

Foie Gras – District 10: Livestock
Dark grayed purple creme. Not much else to say about this either, aside from the fact that it’s again, not your typical happy spring color, but reflects upon the more subdued mood of those that live in the poorer districts like 10, 11, and 12. It is funny though that they named it after one of the most rich and noble of foods to come from an animal. Very Capitol meets the poor. 

Agro – District 11: Agriculture
After Smoke & Ashes, this is one of the colors that I had on my wishlist after initially seeing promo images and knowing nothing about the Hunger Games. It’s a mossy green with gold shimmer, almost making it frosty. 
I have this very distinct image of Rue at the end of a day of hard work, doing her whistle call, with that warm gold sun light, just before sunset, and that warmth is very much translated into a very agriculture like green, not so much a bright springy green. 
This polish just sort of validated a lot of my internal imagery for the books.

Smoke & Ashes – District 12: Mining
This is the standout of the collection. I may have said that about a different polish but I take it back. This is it. It’s amazing. It’s a dark, inky, blackened indigo base with a tone of sparkling green, possibly gold, teal shimmer in it. It’s stunning. Perfect for the mines. Very unique and I have nothing like it at all in my collection.

4 thoughts on “China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Nail Polish Collection! – Spring 2012

  1. I'm in love this collection! I've purchased 3 (Riveting, Harvest Moon and Stone Cold) and there are at least 3 more I want.

    You're right – the colors in this collection originally had different names, and I do think some of the colors are a stretch for the districts. For example, Dress Me Up was originally named Prim, Stone Cold was named Joined at the Seam (inspired by the grey eyes of the Seam), Riveting was named Fire in Flight, and Harvest Moon was named Cinna-mon for Cinna's gold eyeliner. It's rumored that the names were dropped because they were leaked early.


  2. i LOVE these, and I really hope to win them!!!! I love the books, too. I'd really love to win some ❤ I can't afford twelve bottles of polish, but would still love to design my nails with them for the premiere.


  3. The company making the movie backed out, and filed a law suit against china glaze, and so it was originally cancelled. I guess the settled everything & straightened things out, though. But, admittedly, I did like the old names much better. especially cinna-mon and prim because primroses are flowers & the color goes well. & i just love cinna, so yeah..


  4. Smoke and ashes is really blackish… It looks kinda gothic but I'm sure that when I buy and look at it closely, I'll fall in love. My two favourites right now are Argo and Fast track but I also really like Dress Me Up. The color reminds me so much of Prim who is probably my favourite character.


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