Sorry for the lapse in posts folks. Midterms, swimming and work (we got a new supervisor) took over for a brief moment and again, the makeup/beauty part of my life got the short end of the stick, attention wise. But I’m back!
Skincare isn’t something I tend to change up very often. I don’t change my cleanser every two months like some bloggers do (not out of need but to try new products mostly). I don’t change my moisturizer, my toner. I like to stick to the thing I know that works because… well if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Right? I do the same thing with skin therapies – exfoliators, masks, spot treatments (if I used them, since I don’t really). It was a big deal for me when I started using the Aveeno cleanser because the winter was starting to get so harsh on my skin.
As far as masks go, I pretty much stuck to the CVS version of the Queen Helene mask… minty, and thick and your typical face mask. I was given an all natural mask from a coworker a while ago (which I will review) which I do like but again, it was sort of a big deal for me to incorporate it into my skin care.
When it comes to Lush products, I really generally like them so I wasn’t too worried about introducing them into my skin care, especially because those with very sensitive skin tend to really like their products. I’ve also wanted to try Lush’s skin care products as well because a lot of my favorite people on YouTube have been raving about them for a while as well.
I typically like to use masks once every 10 days just as a refresher for my skin. I treat myself to an at-home spa sort of day where I go all out with a bath, a mask, movies, and painting my nails. It’s quite therapeutic and wonderful. Usually on these days, I pay quite a bit of attention to my skin by exfoliating, doing a mask, using a more treatment like moisturizer than my daily moisturizer, and overall pampering it.
Lush’s Fresh Face Masks have been on my wishlist for a while now for the very reason that on my “me” days I like to go all out, and these masks seem to be the way to go for uber pampered skin (at an affordable price range – if I could, I’d go all Kate Somerville).
Like all of Lush’s products, their face masks are made with all natural ingredients and have an expiration date. Unlike all of Lush’s products, their face masks’ expiration date is so soon after creation that they constantly have to be refrigerated and even then, go bad after about 2 weeks. Therefore, you can’t purchase them online. That was one of the main reasons it took me so long to buy one of them. I mostly order from Lush online, since the closest one to me is in the city (I live just north of San Francisco) and I don’t go to the city all that often.
I think of their face masks, Love Lettuce is one of the most popular. The other ones I have heard of (like Cupcake) but haven’t heard of as much as Love Lettuce. That might also be because of who I’m subscribed to and the type of people I like watching though. Nonetheless, Love Lettuce is one of their most purchased masks.

The mask itself comes in a little black pot, about four inches in diameter, and two and a half inches tall. The mask is a thick, veggie green paste with exfoliating bits of… naturally exfoliating matter lol. I guess it’s the almond shell they talk about in the description.
It smells very earthy and heavily of lavender (which is a plus since they list lavender oil as one of the main ingredients). It’s got a freshness too it though. It’s a sharp lavender, not a soft lavender like a lot of lavender lotions, oils, candles etc. The consistency is much thicker and slightly sticker than I thought it’d be. It makes it so you have to spread it rather quickly across the face before it dries.

It says on the top of the package to leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes… I don’t. I leave it on for 20 or 25 because I like for a mask to completely dry before I rinse it off. I found that it helps with my oily skin if I use it that way.
My favorite part has to be that the mask comes with a built in exfoliator. I rub on the mask/exfoliate as I apply then let it set. After letting it sit on my skin, I rinse and gently slough it off as a second round of very light exfoliation.
Afterwards, my skin feels amazing. Very soft, not uncomfortably tight like most masks. My skin is moisturized and not dried out completely but not oily either. And I just feel refreshed.
I got about three uses out of one jar, but I had to use it up within 10 days so I ended up using it about every 2 days. Two times I used it in the morning and found no need to use my toner or moisturizer after because my skin was very clean, and felt very moisturized. I needed less foundation that day and my skin looked less oily and felt very nice at night. One time I used it before going to bed and again, I woke up with very nicely conditioned skin.
These masks are $6.95 and can be found only at Lush stores. They also have a recycling program where if you bring in 5 empty pots, you get a free mask, which is a nice little deal.
I will definitely go back and buy another very soon, and perhaps try out a different mask as well.

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