My haircare will probably from now on always include some sort of oil or serum. I’ve found that my hair always responds very well to it and likes having some extra nourishment. I’ve been using a few different types of argan oil, from Moroccan Oil, Josie Maran to Organix and then most recently I’ve been using the Macadamia Hair Therapy Oil.
When I saw this at CVS a few months ago, I nearly threw a celebration right in the store. I was hoping that Organix would release their version of the Macadamia Hair oil. Macadamia’s oil is amazing but pricey, and I was given it as a gift from Sara, which I am eternally thankful for.
I had great luck with the Organix argan oil so I was definitely expecting the moon with this oil. I wasn’t disappointed in it either!
It doesn’t smell nutty at all like the Macadamia oil does. The Organix version has a clearly artificial perfume to it since it smells pretty floral and slightly fruity. It’s also not as thick. The top is lame like the argan oil… it’s got a hole and no dispenser so extra oil comes out even after you squeeze. It’s really the only complaint I have with the product.
I’ve used it after a shower and mixed into my conditioner and my hair responds really positively to both. If I don’t use it, I can tell a difference. It doesn’t dry heavy in the hair either. My hair really absorbs it in and drinks it up.
I still have like half of the bottle left since the first day of use, and it’s been about two months. They retail for about $7 and can be found at all drugstores.

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