I love me some holos. I’ll probably say that every time I have a holo NOTW lol.
This is an oldie but a goodie. China Glaze released an all linear holo collection like 3 years ago called the OMG collection. I had just gotten onto the nail polish hoarding scene when they were starting to sell out on etailers, so getting the ones that I did seemed lucky at this point. I totally didn’t know that I’d love it that much at that point either, so I’m SO happy that I did buy them.
IDK is a mid toned blue purple with a very clear linear holo.
It’s on the thin side, but it dries super fast and doesn’t get clumpy. It’s like insta-dry on the nail. I used 3 coats and it’s opaque, and feels like 1 coat. I think most holos are like that.
This is probably the most fun type of polish to wear when it starts getting warm out and the sun comes out because holo polishes are just stunning in the sunlight. I photographed it in different lighting so you can see how different lighting can bring out the rainbow in the polish. The photo above is outside with flash. It brings out the rainbow the most I’ve found.
In the photos, I have it over Zoya’s Anchor base coat and under Poshe Fast Dry Top Coat. 
These polishes are actually pretty hard to find now, even on etailers so I can’t give you info on that this time, and I’m sorry :/
indoor tungsten lighting / indoor florescent lighting

indoor flash / outdoor natural lighting

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