I use barely any moisturizer when it comes to my body. I have my Clinique moisturizing gel for my face, my Soap & Glory Hand Food for my hands. I use my vaseline on my legs if they really need it, but it’s never really that bad.
I guess I should say, it was never really that bad.
Starting in November, and all the way until the end of January, we had an incredibly dry and cold winter this year. Normally it’s pretty wet, and it’s honestly not that bad. But this sudden change in climate this winter took an ginormous toll on my skin, specifically on my hands and body. I had never truly experienced what dry skin was like, but I have to admit, after this winter, I have a little better understanding as to why people with dry skin have so many woes about it.
I would still much rather have dry skin (especially on my face) but still, I get it now.
Because of all of this sudden dryness, I went looking for a good, non-greasy daily moisturizer for my body. Having always had good luck with Aveeno products, this was the first product that was considered, and eventually bought to fix all my skin problems.
This is a product that I had used before, and being familiar with it was another reason to buy it as well.
Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion is non-greasy, unscented, and a pretty light texture. It absorbs quickly into the skin and definitely kept me moisturized all day. It was even recommended as a product to my father, while he was going through chemotherapy and radiation and he had super super sensitive skin – he even said it was a really nice moisturizer, so I’m confident that even the most sensitive of skins can handle this moisturizer.
The tube above is the little tube, which is about $4 at drugstores. The bigger bottle with a pump top can also be bought at drugstores, and I believe isn’t that expensive either. I’d suggest looking at Costco by the way, because they’ve had value sizes of this there for very inexpensive (plus you get 2 bottles… it’ll last you forever!).
I keep this tiny bottle in my bag so if I feel really dry at all I can quickly use it and be relieved of any discomfort. The top never bursts open on me and has yet to break, which is a common problem with hand-bag sized things.
Again, this can be found at pretty much every drugstore!

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