Everybody needs an indulgence in life. Usually for me, it’s to buy stuff. But I’m on a project pan. I still buy stuff, like pants from Lululemon and J. Crew (I really, clearly have a problem with buying things lol) but it’s still not the same as buying makeup.
I have, however, gotten accustomed to getting a biweekly mani-pedi. Again, I have a problem with indulging in things, and I fully admit it. I’ve always enjoyed a good pedicure, but I’ve recently gotten the combo at my go-to salon because it’s really not that more expensive. I also like watching what products they use, how they use tools etc but I never regularly got manicures. Until recently. And now, it’s a regular thing for me. And it’s not like I’ve gotten lazy – it’s really quite therapeutic for me to paint my nails. It’s a total stress reliever. But there’s something about going to the salon and getting the hand massage and not having to worry about smudging my nails to go pee etc etc.
So, yeah, lol, I indulge a lot.
Anyways, the salons I go to carry Zoya, OPI and Essie polishes so I usually go and pick out polishes I already own so I can take a photo with the bottle and it’ll be all uniform and such with my other NOTW posts lol. Plus, I generally own the majority of polishes they have.
I went in this time and wanted a full mani-pedi of OPI’s Excuse Moi from the Muppet’s Collection The lady though said I had to get a pink underneath since the glitter would be too sheer. I said “No it’s fine” knowing that it wouldn’t be but she insisted. So, whatever. I picked a nice hot pink, which was OPI’s That’s Hot! Pink, and I do admit I like the combo! I don’t own That’s Hot! Pink, but it definitely made at “must purchase” list since it’s actually a very nice hot pink.
That’s Hot! Pink is a slightly darker but still vibrant pink that was opaque in the 2 coats the girl that was painting my nails used. It seemed to flow on pretty nicely and evenly. Excuse Moi is a multi-colored and multi-sized glitter in a pink base. The base is a redder pink than the base pink in my manicure.
I really like the combination of colors. The hot pink comes through, especially in the sun and makes it look like a very Barbie like combination. I love it! I even had all the little girls I coach at swim team and I watch at daycare say it looks like Barbie ballerina pink.
OPI polishes can be purchased at Ulta, online and at salons. They sell for between $8 and $9 each. The manicurist used OPI’s Nail Envy as a base coat and Poshe Fast Dry Top Coat.

One thought on “NOTW: OPI That’s Hot! Pink & OPI Excuse Moi!

  1. I own Excuse Moi and it is one of my favorite glitters. It doesn't need a base pink underneath. It is very opaque after 2 coats and could be a one coater if the 1st coat is thick enough. I also have Too Hot and it is a great hot pink.


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