OPI’s spring collection is another collection based off of a location, as opposed to a musician or movie, which is what a lot of their releases have been recently. There’s sort of a pick for everybody in the collection – a couple of blues, a green, some neutrals, browns, pinks, a bright, a dark and a purple. There are 12 in total but I only picked up 4 because I wasn’t that in need of the other colors. If I wasn’t on a project pan, then I’d probably be buying more indie brand polishes and special effect polishes at this point since I have so many polishes in that basic field of nail polish.
I think the main thing in this collection is all of those subtle shimmers that you’ll find in a lot of the colors. Last year in the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, there were a lot of grayed and dusty hues, which was a very big thing in a lot of the creme finish polishes in all the brands. This year there are still a lot of dusty hues but there’s a very delicate and pretty shimmer in a lot of the polishes in this collection, as well as a few other polishes from other brands and collections.
OPI colors can be found at Ulta and other beauty supply stores. The Holland Collection is currently available at Ulta. Polishes retail between $8 and $9.

I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!
Dusty light blue with a white gold and silver shimmer. This combination of colors reminds me of the sky just before sunrise. The white gold and silver shimmer gives that warmth and look of the light just coming up on the clouds. The dusty light blue is very pretty. I can see myself wearing this a lot this spring. It goes on pretty sheer to begin with but suddenly at three books it’s opaque and wonderful. The formula was smooth and easy to work with on this one. 
I Have A Herring Problem
This is a more… industrial ocean blue with the same white gold and silver shimmer. I say “industrial ocean blue” because there’s a certain dark dusty blue that the sky and the sea both have in those very heavy cities. Like… Balitmore. Or Boston? Anyways, it’s less sky blue and more dark and smokey I guess. Smoggy? But Pretty smoggy? Lol yeah. The formula for this one was a little thicker than usual. It did end up opaque in 2 coats though.
Thanks A Windmillion
This is a dusty pastel green. It’s similar to Mermaid’s Tears from the Pirates collection, it’s lighter, milkier and less blue though. The formula of this one is great. Easily spread and dries smooth and not patchy. This is another sea color that has just a little bit of dustiness to it. 

Wooden Shoe Like To Know

I don’t normally get browns so I was pretty surprised when I saw the swatch of this and had to get it. It’s a reddish brown with gold shimmer. The gold shimmer has a slight bronzy or copperyness to it. Very unique. This also applied like a dream.

I do have some comparisons for you too. First the blues. I have a few polishes that are similar in terms of components of the polish. I have a Essie color, Smooth Sailing, that has the same sort of silver finish, with very delicate pieces of silver shimmer. Just no white gold. Then there’s a new Milani collection out and the blue totally struck me when I walked by so I had to get it. I actually got it before I got the OPI colors. 

OPI I Have A Herring Problem / OPI I Don’t Give A Rotterdam / Essie Smooth Sailing / Milani Sail Away
Milani Sail Away
I actually can’t tell you what the Milani collection is about… the theme or anything. But this polish was the most beautiful of them. It’s a brighter dark blue… almost a cerulean. It’s got a very beautiful silver shimmer that is very strong in the swatch as well. It also dries very shiny. One of my favorite Milani polishes, and possibly drugstore polishes. The shimmer and color aren’t at all similar to either of the OPI or Essie polishes though.
Essie Smooth Sailing
Smooth Sailing was from their 2011 summer collection. The color and shimmer actually seem like they’d fit pretty well into the OPI collection. The shimmer doesn’t have that gold component to it but the slightly dusty part of the blue make it feel very much like it belongs in the Holland collection.
Essie Smooth Sailing / Milani Sail Away / OPI I Have A Herring Problem / OPI I Don’t Give A Rotterdam
Thanks A Windmillion / Mermaid’s Tears
As I mentioned before, Mermaid’s tears is slightly bluer, and much brighter.
Thanks A Windmillion / Mermaid’s Tears

OPI Wooden Shoe Like To Know / China Glaze Ingrid
Ingrid is a cooler brown with less of a warm gold shimmer. I would suggest this to people that don’t like warm brown tones against their skin because it’s very similar in the type of polish, a brown with delicate gold shimmer. 
OPI Wooden Shoe Like To Know / China Glaze Ingrid

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