I am a total band wagon Hunger Games fan. I admit it. But I just whipped through the Hunger Games trilogy and it was… fantastic. Beyond fantastic even. It’s so good! 
Being a total beauty nut, the totally minor line when Katniss describes her nails to be on fire like everything else in her outfit caught me and I knew I had to do it. 
With the latest fad in polishes being flakies, there have been a lot of photos recently of their swatches and one day it struck me… the orange-green flakies almost looked like fire at certain angles! Especially the flakes that come in smaller shapes. And then it clicked, that I should layer it over black. I wanted it it to be a black to add a little bit more to the overall look than just a plain black creme though. 
In comes Butter London’s Dark Knight. I just did a post about this and I thought the added glitter in the polish with it’s slight jelly base would add that special thing to the look and so I used it as a base.
For the flakes, I decided on Pa’s AA38 because of it’s orange base but also the fact that there’s really small flakes in the polish instead of bigger ones, which made it look more like embers on the polish. The orange base just added a little bit of warmth to the overall look. A touch but still there.
The finished product was drool-worthy. I died. It’s probably one of my favorite nail combos I’ve ever done 🙂 I’m quite happy with it and I think it looks like burning coals.
I used Nubar’s Foundation Base Coat and China Glaze’s Fast Dry Top Coat. 
Butter London can be found at Nordstrom and Ulta, although Dark Knight was limited edition. Pa can be found in asian beauty stores. Other orange-green flakies will work though.
This manicure can be EASILY achieved without those specific products though!! If you don’t have these polishes, or can’t find them, just use a simple black polish, it can have multicolored glitter in it if you want, and Essie’s Shine of the Times polish, which you can find in all drugstores.
Paint your nails black, and if you want, just add one coat of a glitter on top. Then add a coat or two coats of Essie’s Shine of the Times on top and you’ll get pretty much the same thing!
This manicure is perfect for Halloween, or for sports fans who have teams whose colors are black and orange 🙂 It’s a neat way to incorporate your favorite team’s colors in a different way than just painting your nails different colors!
Outside, shade
Outside, daytime / Indoor lighting, at night

Outside, daytime

Outside, daytime

5 thoughts on “NOTW: Katniss Capitol Nails – Butter London Dark Knight & Pa AA38

  1. wow what are the chances I'd find a recent blog post talking about exactly what I searched for [dark knight + flakies]. gotta love the internet :] love this combo, will definitely try it now that I see how it looks!


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