So officially a month and a half ago, I went to San Jose to see a Sharks game. Before that I stopped by the Japanese Market as I always do and picked up som Pa nail polishes. 
Pa nail polishes are small, cute, and about $5 each (on average). Given that they come with half the amount of an OPI polish, it’s fairly expensive for what you’re getting. I know that you can find these in most asian beauty stores and places like Japan Town, but other than that I can’t really give you that much information on where to get them as I really only know 2 places to get them. I feel fairly positive though that they’re a decently common brand to find in those asian areas so hopefully you can find them there 🙂
I picked up some more of their jelly glitters and then another just “plain” polish. I then saw their display of flakies and bought all 6 they had for sale at the store. 
I love how cute they are and they definitely give my collection a little bit of a kick, decoration wise, on my shelf. Love it!

I’ll show you the three non-flakies first. I have a few of Pa’s jelly based glitters already so I went in looking for some more of those. I also picked up one of their non glitter polishes, which they don’t have very many of.


A117 is a magenta jelly base with an opalescent glitter, very much like the glitter in China Glaze’s Snow Globe polish from their winter collection this past year. It’s kind of like OPI’s I Lily Love You from their tiny summer collection but much more delicate. It’s super sheer, like a lot of Pa’s jelly glitters but I’ve found that’s a huge fad in Asian (especially Japanese) polishes that are sold here.


A121 is a clear jelly base with really un-densely packed sea blue glitter and opalescent glitter as well. This will be wonderful for layering, especially over black I think. Or a dark blue cream.

A24 is the only non-glitter and non-effect polish I have from Pa. I actually don’t think they make very many of these. It’s a dark royal purple with very pretty golden sheen. I love the gold and purple combo, in pretty much anything, so this just was an instant purchase for me when I saw it in store. I like that the gold sheen is pretty delicate so it doesn’t make the polish frosty. It dries a little darker than the color in the bottle.
Now come the flakies! Pa calls their flakies their Premier polishes. They’re all very small flakes in a pretty liquidy-thin polish formula. They all come in a colored base. The flakes have 2 different types of iridescence, either that green to fire-y orange iridescence or the blue to green type. These polishes also come in a different packaging, with holo glitter in the plastic box as well as in the cap. These were slightly more expensive than the other polishes. 
I actually haven’t purchased any of the new Finger Paints ones but this definitely held me over for a while. 
All of these were swatched alone over a clear base, then over a white base, and over a black base, and they’re all 2 coats.
AA38 is a light orange base, which is very sheer, with lots of small orange-green flakes. I used this in a NOTW post (which I’m very excited about!) and it’s… amazing. Amazing for layering! I’ve found the more fluid base and the small flakes make layering very easy without overloading the nail and causing chunkiness.
AA39 is a corally pink base with blue-green flakes. The pink base on this shows up a little better than the orange base. 
AA40’s base is more of a magenta pink. This one is almost opaque enough to wear on its own but still should be layered over something if you want to see the pink base fully. It comes with orange-green flakes.

This has the lightest and sheerest base. It’s supposed to be a very light blue/aqua with blue-green flakes. It really doesn’t show up though even over white. I use this one exclusively for layering, with no chance of use it over white or on its own.

This one just looks like the water in a coral reef. So pretty in the bottle! It swatches to a decently pigmented blue (for a super sheer jelly at least lol) with blue-green flakies. I could possibly see that it would be able to use on its own.
The base for this one is a green-blue which amplifies the green in the flaky much more. It’s not as opaque as the blue based flaky, although when swatched over white it does perform pretty nicely. 

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