This is sort of a continuing post from my last NOTW post which was for Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue. 
My initial plan was to layer a coat of Dark Knight over Pacific Blue because the brightness of Pacific Blue would show through the basic, slightly jelly base of Dark Knight.
It worked pretty well, but Dark Knight’s formula was too thick for it to evenly smooth over to get a good jelly-sandwich thing going. So I just called it a day and made it opaque over Pacific Blue. Hence the blue peaking out from under the Dark Knight.
Dark Knight’s formula is pretty thick. Which is nice because it makes covering the nail fully really easy, and you don’t have to layer too much color on and risk clumpiness on the nail. The color is a very dark, pretty much jelly black with blue and pink micro-glitter. There’s also red, and gold and possibly silver glitter in there as well. 
A lot of people complained that they had to layer it over a black to get a good color which wasn’t the case for me. I also was able to get it individually at my Nordstrom, instead of in the duo like you’re supposed to. So I have no idea what that was about. But that’s why I got just this single polish than both of them. 
I used this to layer under some flakies though and it worked marvelously for that which is again, another NOTW post.
It’s pretty expensive, $14 each. You can find Butter London polishes at Ulta and Nordstrom. Actually, I recently saw them somewhere else too, which was an unexpected find, but I just for the life of me can’t remember where it was. Point is, they’re getting more accessible. 

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